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Thread: One in the chamber

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    Why carry an empty gun?
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmtbracer View Post
    Do you guys always have one in the chamber?
    I have two kids and wonder if I should unload it at home.
    I pocket carry sometimes and when I sit it may be pointing at someone.
    I have it in a holster and when I sit I try to point it down.
    Should I worry about this kind of thing? What do you guys do?
    Here's an idea. If you don't already have some snap caps for your gun pick some up. Load 'em up and chamber one, then carry that around the house for a while (a couple hours a night for an evening or two) to assure yourself nothing will go wrong. Practice clearing the dummy rounds from the chamber extensively.

    Just don't forget to replace them with the real thing when you're finished "training".

    Edit: Take care and BE SAFE.

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    I have a 9 year old and a 2 year old. When I pocket carry at home (usually a 442 revolver) I tilt the holstered revolver forward before I sit down so that the barrel is still pointing down when I'm sitting. Semi auto carried at home stays in the holster IWB or OWB.
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    always carry one in the pipe
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    One in the chamber for the same reason that the revolvers have full cylinders. Follow the basic rules of safety.

    Up above, Janq raises the "don't point the gun at anything..." issue. My interpretation of that one is that it only applies when you are actually holding a gun, as if to use it. It doesn't apply if it's in a box, in a holster, etc. Even so, if you and I were talking, and I removed my holstered firearm from my belt and placed it on the table between us, I wouldn't point the barrel at you.
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    I carry one chambered, IWB at 1:30, so if anybody's gonna suffer because of an ND it's gonna be me.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sixsccw View Post
    I carry one chambered, IWB at 1:30, so if anybody's gonna suffer because of an ND it's gonna be me.....
    Why do you carry @ 1:30?, just curious.

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    Always +1

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    I carry hot

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    Please re-read my post as related to bore, in full.

    I did not raise the question, the OP did in one of his follow on posts.
    To which I responded in my post, mirroring exactly what you state, in detail toward real world occurrences where 'sweeping' persons with the bore of a gun is normal, nearly impossible to avoid AND is completely safe.

    - Janq
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    If you donít have a round in the chamber you might as well leave it at home. This is a very common question so donít feel bad. With that said, you need to get some additional training to increase your comfort level.

    If it isnít on your person at home, it needs to be locked up in a small safe or other QUALITY locker that your kids canít get in to. I donít buy in to the unload it and keep it separate from the ammo if you donít have a safe. You can buy a $40 cheap basic ďsafeĒ at the big box stores and they work just fine for that. Kids can and will find things. When I was 7 my friends and I were smart enough to knock the exposed hinge pins out of the close door the Christmas presents were hid in. Removed the door, rifled through things, and then put the door back. This day in age, there is ZERO reason for you to not have at least a small safe to keep your handgun in.

    Donít worry about the pocket carry thing. Unload the gun, put it in your pocket in the pocket holster (you are using a pocket holster right?) go in the middle of the living room and go into convulsions moving every which possible way that you would ever move in daily life. Pull the gun out and I bet it is still waiting for you to pull the trigger.

    We all start somewhere, more than happy to answer any questions you have. Thatís what weíre here for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmtbracer View Post
    So basically I should no worry if it's in my holster and in my pocket
    I carry one in the chamber at all times, in my holster. I have taken a nap while wearing it, wrestled with the kids, played ball, done framing (the construction type, not pictures) all while wearing my holstered firearm.

    If the trigger is covered then there should be no way it can go off. You should feel safe knowing that you are OK to carry the same.
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    The pistol I carry and the one in the safe by my bed have one in the chamber all the time. If I put my carry weapon in the safe in my closet I unload it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moga View Post

    Also keep in mind that the more you load and unload your weapon to pocket carry at home the more likely there exists a chance for a ND.
    ^^^Please pay attention to this post.^^^

    The more you handle your firearm while loading and unloading, the GREATER the risk of an unwanted discharge. (In other words, loading and unloading actually "increases" the risk of a ND.)

    Like glockman said; you just need some additional training to build your confidence.

    Try and get you some "professional" training. They're a lot of good firearms instructors around the country; and training is not that expensive.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmtbracer View Post
    Do you guys always have one in the chamber?
    I have two kids and wonder if I should unload it at home.
    I pocket carry sometimes and when I sit it may be pointing at someone.
    I have it in a holster and when I sit I try to point it down.
    Should I worry about this kind of thing? What do you guys do?

    This is one of the drawbacks of pocket carry in my opinion. It is the main reason that I am not a big fan of pocket carry and I choose not to do it. I'm not saying it isn't a valid way to carry nor am I criticizing anyone who does pocket carry. I'm just explaining that this is the reason I choose not to do it.
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