Have you used a gun for self defense?

Have you used a gun for self defense?

This is a discussion on Have you used a gun for self defense? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A very unscientific poll for my curiosity. Please don't include military or on-duty LEO time. Armed citizen only. Select all that apply. Thanks. I shot ...

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  • I have never used my gun in self defense

    312 72.39%
  • I told someone I had a gun in self defense

    8 1.86%
  • I have shown someone I had a gun in self defense

    25 5.80%
  • I drew my gun in self defense

    90 20.88%
  • I fired a warning shot in self defense

    7 1.62%
  • I fired at someone in self defense

    8 1.86%
  • I shot someone in self defense

    10 2.32%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Have you used a gun for self defense?

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    Have you used a gun for self defense?

    A very unscientific poll for my curiosity. Please don't include military or on-duty LEO time. Armed citizen only. Select all that apply. Thanks.

    I shot someone in self defense
    I fired at someone in self defense
    I fired a warning shot in self defense
    I drew my gun in self defense
    I have shown someone I had a gun in self defense
    I told someone I had a gun in self defense
    I have never used my gun in self defense
    We're all in favor of reducing violent crime. It's just that pro-gunners have a method that is proven effective. Anti-gunners don't.
    John Moses Browning day is January 24th, 2011

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    I see you found the poll option. You can actually go back and delete the other thread if you want to. Yes...I voted.
    No need to apologize.

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    So far in the 15 years I have been carrying I have never had to use my gun. I pray I never am forced to.
    Freedom doesn't come free. It is bought and paid for by the lives and blood of our men and women in uniform.

    USAF Retired
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    Once, But it was an Wild Dog as I was taking walk around Property the dog came out of no where and, attacked. I was able to draw and shoot before he really hurt me. Even though it was an dog it still was an very Tramatic event.
    hope I never have to do it again.
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    Never shot or shot at anyone . Would never discuss unless acquitted.

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    I've been carrying for 35 years. I had to draw once, never fired.That time, the bg walked right up to the line. I had decided that the next step he took towards me would be his last. I believe that he saw that I was ready and willing to shoot, and decided to leave. There is no doubt that I would have been in desperately bad shape had I not been armed (Colt SN Commander .45) that day. I think about that day when I don't feel like strapping on that SN Commander.
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    War to the knife, knife to the hilt.

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    As a civilian never and I pray it stays that way.
    When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk.
    "Don't forget, incoming fire has the right of way."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    Not including the military....that's kind of a kick in the knees for me actually. I wouldn't be here talking to you if I hadn't.
    Civilian life. My answer is that I'm glad I've never had to shoot someone in self defense.

    That's all it took (twice matter of fact).
    You can post a poll....just use the thread tools option pull down. Should work.
    From previous thread.

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    Under a Volkswagen somewhere in Florida
    As a teenager (26 years ago) I fired 2 shots into my wall below a window with a pump .22 rifle as two guys put a baseball bat through my bedroom window and tried to enter. They were my age and I recognized them and they came to beat up a friend that was staying at my house. They vandalized his car in the driveway and then decided to come through the window bat first. I had 11 more rounds in the tube plus a 22 pistol with two mags. As soon as I started shooting, they fell over themselves backingout and off the porch stumbling off into the night. Imagine what my Dad was thinking as he came through my bedroom door to see me standing there in my whitey tighties pumping 22 rounds out the window into the yard (not trying to hit them, putting a few in the dirt for good scare measure) with broken glass everywhere. The cops were called, they found a shoe in the flower bed and an amlost empty half gallon of Vodka int he mail box and one of their names scratched in his paint. We gave them the guys names and told them where to find them (one of them lived around the corner and the other was staying with him). It wasn't a hard case to solve. I would handle it differently today, but as a teenager I did the best I was prepared to do with what I had at my disposal.
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    I didn't count any military or LE here, but I shot two people who had broken into my house in NC back in 92. I came home and noticed my German shephards did not greet me at the gate, and the gate was opened. I then noticed the front door of my house was open. I retrieved my 12 gauge from behind my truck, shucker one in the chamber and walked inside. I was greeted by a man coming out of my bedroom carrying my TV and VCR. I leveled the howitzer at him and told him to put my stuff down. Instead he dropped it and ran towards the back door. I fired , hitting him in the side knocking him off his feet. He was scrambling on his hands and knees towards the door when I put another round of shot into his arse, flipping in out the door.
    I ran to the back door to finish the job, when I saw his partner climbing over the fence. I lit him up and and helped his ass over the fence. Before I could get another shot off he was in the woods behind the house. I walked around my house, but could not find his buddy, which I would have probably finished off.
    I called the sheriff who sent 4 deputies and the state police. I gave them my shotgun, and they went looking for these guys. They were taking pictures of my damaged property, blood streaks in the floor and everything else, when one of the deputies came in and asked me if I could identify the two in his car.
    I did, it was both of them. The deputy was laughing as he explained how easy it was to find them. He said they were limping down a dirt road holding themselves, and generally having a hard time moving.
    I had 3 rounds of number 6 shot, followed by 3 rounds of 00 buck. The next shot would have cut them in half.
    They were taken to the hospital and released to the jail after treatment. The guy in the house had to stay for a couple of days since he was hit pretty hard by 2 rounds. He would have been dead if my shotgun didn't have a short open riot barrel on it.
    I was found justified, and had to pay my own Atty fees, and the dummies recieved time in the pen and work on the chain gang. But the experience during legal proceedings was nerve racking. I normally don't tell anyone about that incident, take what you want from it, just DO NOT do what I did and shoot them outside the house. If the local proscecutor and magistrate did not hate these two criminals so much for their history of criminal activity, I may have been in alot of trouble, possibly criminal charges against me.

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    ^^ wow! glad you were ok. Maybe I ask what year that happened?

    Statistically, your chances of getting involved in an incident like this is rare. However, so is having your house or place of business catch on fire, but we still keep fire extinguishers around. Although the chances are higher, your chance of getting into a major auto accident are not certain, yet we still wear seatbelts, have steel safety cages built into our cars, and have multiple airbags.

    I hope I never have to use mine in SD, but if I do - I am ready to do so.

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    I have never used any firearm in self defense and hope I don't have to. I'll probably never have to but I'd rather be prepared.

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    I also excluded prior LE experiences. As a civilian, so far so good. I haven't had to draw my weapon. That's very good because if I ever do have to draw, it will only be to stop an immanent deadly threat, not to warn, frighten or intimidate.
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    Boy, I missed out on both Military and LEO! As a civilian, all has been peaceful, so far!
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
    Retired DE Trooper, SA XD40 SC, S&W 2" Airweight
    dukalmighty & Pure Kustom Black Ops Pro "Trooper" Holsters, DE CCDW and LEOSA Permits, Vietnam Vet 68-69 Pleiku

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    I've shot in self-defense, but it wasn't against a human.
    A CCW is like a parachute; if you need one, and don't have one, you'll probably never need one again.

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