Lasermax for birthday

Lasermax for birthday

This is a discussion on Lasermax for birthday within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Got a Lasermax for my birthday to use with my Glock. I was on the fence about having a laser and really leaned more to ...

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Thread: Lasermax for birthday

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    Lasermax for birthday

    Got a Lasermax for my birthday to use with my Glock. I was on the fence about having a laser and really leaned more to the belief of sight picture. Along with if it takes time to turn it on it's not worth those precious mili-seconds. So after staring at the box for a few days I decided to give it a try. First, very easy to install and secondly I Love it! With some practice I believe I will be able to draw and turn it on using the same amount of time. Practice, practice. But how cool is my wife for buying it for me? This summer she has gotten her CCW, has been increased her SA abilities and purchased her own EDC! And she wants gun stuff for Christmas, It's going to be a great Holiday!!

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    When your better half is into it....there's no question.......everything is good! Keep growing together IMO.

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    This type of laser may be OK for law enforcement and combat situations where you may have time to "light up" before you act, but for civilian self-defense purposes it can be a big detriment. The turn on step can lose you valuable time and can also cause you to flub the draw.

    Lasers that only require a squeeze during your grip such as the Crimson Trace Grips, Crimson Trace Laserguard, and the ArmaLasers with trigger finger proximity switches are a much better choice.

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    I know my opinion was not asked for but I have to interject. The guide rod type lazermax are, again in my opinion, a bad idea. I have seen personally 2 instances where the guide rod aspect broke and damaged the weapon to the point of needing repair from the factory. Once was my personal g30, which when bought by my father, had one installed. He thought it was cool so he took it out to try it at the range and the assembly snapped and cracked the frame. This is why my g30 no longer has sequential SN. The other was a friends g23 that was his ccw. Same thing happened. I do not know how many rounds were put down the tubes while it was installed. So, IMHO, wonderful concept, unreliable results.

    However, if you like and trust it, more power to you!
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    I've been thinking about one that attaches to the rail. I have a Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm.. my question is, with it attached will the gun still fit in my blackhawk serpa holster?

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    I've had a LaserMax in my SA XD40 SC since I purchased it. I love it, no problems with over 1,000 rounds through it. I have also trained myself to turn it on during the draw by placing my trigger finger in the exact spot to turn the laser on, it's ready to go by the time it's up to target and my finger goes onto the trigger. You still have to train with the sights, as it is possible that the laser could fail and you need to be ready to go with or without it. Be safe.
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