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what it’s got in its nassty little pocketses?

This is a discussion on what it’s got in its nassty little pocketses? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry on my left pocket a Böker utility knife with a 3.5" blade clipped on the outside of the pocket, iPhone 3GS and my ...

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Thread: what it’s got in its nassty little pocketses?

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    I carry on my left pocket a Böker utility knife with a 3.5" blade clipped on the outside of the pocket, iPhone 3GS and my car/home keys, on my right pocket a S&W 442 .38+P fitted with a Hogue "Bantam" grip, loaded with Golden Saber JHP and holstered inside a Desantis "The Nemesis" pocket Holster, in my rear right pocket my wallet and on my left shirt pocket a Micro Stream flashlight by Streamlight.
    "If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous... If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid for?" [Clint Smith - Thunder Ranch]

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    I have an option for mag carrier . Just go to home depot tool section find a knife or leatherman that has a sheath the same sixe as your mag . Buy it then put knife in tool box and put mag in sheath wear it on your belt people will just think its a leatherman, none will be the wiser

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    Quote Originally Posted by booyah View Post
    So I know I've seen these before, but I figured my response may be a bit different than most

    Attachment 21991

    From the top left,
    Gerber LST knife (backup knife back left pocket), Energizer 1w AA LED light (cliped to the left front pocket)
    Bic Lighter (front left pocket) Leatherman Kick (back right pocket) Pilot v5 pen (front right pocket) Gerber Evo Jr (clipped to front right pocket)
    Belt Cabelas Double Duty pistol belt
    Taurus 24/7 45 with 13 rounds (12 in the mag, 1 in the pipe) of Winchester USA 230 Self Defense ammo in a Crossbreed Supertuck worn at about 3:30
    Blackberry Curve II worn at 9:00 car keys (front right pocket), Slim Clip money clip and credit card holder (front left pocket) and finally house and other keys (front right pocket)

    A lot of stuff, but really not too much. I would like to add the option for a second magazine, and perhaps the option for OC, but I really don't want to do OC in the pocket for safety and cleanliness reasons, and I really don't want to wear the batman utility belt if I can help it.

    What do you carry everyday and how do you carry it?
    I have that exact same flashlight clipped to my pocket right this minute. Good little light for a very reasonable price. And it runs for a good long time on a single AA battery.
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    so "backup knife" is a poor description. I keep my gerber clipped to the right front pocket, so if I did get in a struggle for the gun, a knife that I can get to with my left hand is a good thing. Maybe thats paranoia, but its something I've thought of.

    The reason I am not currently carrying an extra mag is a 12round 45acp mag is a heavy brick in your pocket. I'd like a good way to carry it, but I just am not happy with the pocket. That and I'm afraid I might not be able to grab it reliably if its lose in a pocket.

    I've checked out the fenix lights, and maybe when I have the dough to blow, but right now I'm really quite happy with my little energizer

    I'll check out the horizontal mag pouches. I liked the tuckable one from donhume
    but i doubt I would need 24 extra rounds to go with the 13 in the gun, and i really doubt I would want to carry that many

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