Over 164,000 CWP's

Over 164,000 CWP's

This is a discussion on Over 164,000 CWP's within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got off the phone with SLED, while chatting with this lady about a question I had she told me that over 164,000 CWP's ...

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Thread: Over 164,000 CWP's

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    Over 164,000 CWP's

    I just got off the phone with SLED, while chatting with this lady about a question I had she told me that over 164,000 CWP's has been issued in the State of SC and counting. Since I receive mine nback in 10-18-09 they have issued over 44,000 and counting WOW! I lot of people is packing she said.
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    still not enough, lets make it so there is a 50/50 chance a BGs target will kill em!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
    still not enough, lets make it so there is a 50/50 chance a BGs target will kill em!
    I think we should change this to will defend themselves.
    I'm not carrying so that I can kill people, I carry to defend myself.
    I do agree that it's not enough though.
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    I am thankful for every new permit issued! However, its nothing compared to the population base of any given state or city and that's why we are always in a dog fight to pass reasonable carry and pro 2A laws.

    I believe if we could get to at least 20% nation wide the whole view of gun ownership and carry, concealed or open, would change dramatically and favorably. We might even be able to sway NY, NJ, IL, MD & CA.

    I also encourage my state legislators to be pro reciprocity with other states. I believe this demonstrates to the anti states that a massacre is not in the making from licensed individuals including the free travel across many states. TN is a big proponent of reciprocity and even honors states that do not honor its permit
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    Yeah, you guys gotta get moving. SC has 5.6 times the people of SD, but only 2.9 times as many permits.

    Right now, I think SD has the highest per capita rate of licensed concealed permits, about 9.3% of the age eligible populace. My part of the state tends to run a bit above the average, so 1 in 10 adults you encounter here could be permit holders, though I have no idea what percentage actually carry.
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    Congrats to SC...the state is getting safer by the minute.
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    Florida has 767,739 licenses as of 31 Oct.2010
    Population as of 2000 census was a bit less than 16,000,000
    That's about 5%
    I feel pretty safe but I'm still carrying tonight.
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    A couple of months ago, the AZ legislature gave a permit to everyone over 21 in the state (except those forbidden by law to own, yada, yada).
    Don't how many actual CC's on the street that amounted to. Probably not that much, but it gives folks the option!!
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