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I have sent a few "frames only" to a particular gunsmith through the mail and he sends back the same. No slide and no barrel to me makes no gun no matter where the serial number is.
I do not see how a bare frame sent alone can be in violation of the Regs

"A firearm is defined as any device (including a starter gun) that is designed, or may readily be converted, to expel a projectile by an explosion, a spring, or other mechanical action, or by air or gas pressure with sufficient force to be used as a weapon."

A bare frame is not designed of and in itself to "expel a projectile" by any means, just as a slide is not. If one is legal the other must be. The serial number is not mentioned in the postal regs and should not be allowed in legal action.

Just my opinion and I'm often proven wrong by those committees of totally stupid, ignorant, leaches sucking the blood of liberty from our collective veins - you know who you are!