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This is a discussion on Gunbelts.. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No kidding.. With my old Carhart belt which I thought was pretty stiff, I had to have it tourniquet tight to keep my pants up ...

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Thread: Gunbelts..

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    No kidding..

    With my old Carhart belt which I thought was pretty stiff, I had to have it tourniquet tight to keep my pants up with a gun on. This also stretched the belt out when I started carrying. Not to mention the grip leaning out even in an IWB.

    Problem solved! The Bladetech has a Kydex layer in between two layers of leather. This thing is stiff. If I run out of ammo I could probably beat the crap out of a thug with it
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    A good gunbelt makes all the differance.

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    I have a Wilderness instructor 5 stitch belt that I wear all the time.

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    3 Wilderness Instructor 5-stitches. Thought carrying was uncomfortable till I got the first one. More important than the box o' holsters...

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    The belt is easily as important as the holster. Don't ever scrimp on the belt.
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    I have 4 of the Wilderness Instructor's 5-stitch belts.
    With a quality holster and a quality belt, CCW is soooooo much nicer.
    It takes some quite a while to figure this out.
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    I bought my first gun belt last week. Ordered it from Beltman on-line. I'd ordered it with the optional 7 holes at 3/4" spacing. I clicked enter and about a minute later the phone rang - it was Jim asking if I "needed" the 7 holes or if the standard 5 holes at 1" would work. If it would work, he could ship in minutes. I had good measurements taken off the belt I've been using as a carry belt, the old belt was falling apart so time was of the essence, his stock belt is within 1/4" of my measurement, so I agreed to the standard spacing.

    I ordered on Monday. Wednesday I was packing the Glock with the new belt. I've been packing with the belt for 3 days now, which is like an eye blink by comparison to some of you, but long enough to know it's just what i wanted. Man! What an improvement in packing comfort this belt has made. It's about as elastic as a steel beam and keeps the gun right where it is supposed to be without feeling like I'm in a band clamp.

    Quality is outstanding. The Bull Hide belt should last me for years, if not decades.
    This belt is everything, and does everything I'd hoped and much more. I'm sure there are lots of good gunbelt makers out there, but The Beltman is pretty high on my list at the moment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ABC111 View Post
    A quality 2 layered gun belt will make all the difference in the world. But it's hard sometimes to convince some of the difference it will make.

    Not only will a good two-layer leather belt provide much better support and comfort, the service life is likely to be at least double that of a single-layer belt. Two layers of leather securely cemented together and stitched will flex much less and stretch much less than any single-layer belt.
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    There are a lot of great belts on the market and at varying costs. A few years ago I found a large selection of 1.5" heavy duty stiff belts by accident while at my local Harley Davidson store. Not exactly cheap but many variations and they work perfectly. I carry a full size .45 S&W in a IWB and have eliminated the weight tugging. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JarHead81mm View Post
    Wilderness instructor 5 stitch all the way!
    Me too, It really works well....and I have one for sale that is too big for me. Check it out!

    Wilderness Instructor 5-stitch 1.75" Black Size 41
    There ya go........

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    I almost had to give up carrying every day because of back pain in a few hours. I was told that I needed a good gun belt and since I already had a CrossBreed super tuck that is where I got my belt.
    Now I can carry my G19 on the strong side and a magazine on the weak side.
    Thanx to all who suggested to "Get a gun belt".
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    here here !!! Love my CrossBreed belt, and my locally made 2 layer belt.

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    Thanks to you guys on here, I ordered a belt from Crossbreed when I ordered my holster. I put it on and never looked back!!!

    I wore my old belt to work last week, just for kicks, and man......not sure how it even holds my pants up, it seems so wimpy! I have loved it for a long time though, and it has my name stamped on it in true redneck style, so I'm thinking maybe I can have someone convert it into a collar for my dog so I can still see it used every day. Good leather is just good like that, even if it's not quit up to gun carrying capacity it was a well made belt (from a saddle shop, not a box store) I hate to see it unloved.
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    might be too late a response for you but it might help others...another vote here for the cross breed belt (and their holster for that matter). both items are just extremely well made.

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    anyone tried Comp-tac's belts? I'm debating between them and the Beltman. I was going to get kydex reinforcement. I already have a wilderness 5 stitch but it sags if I put my gun behind 3 oclock.

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