exhausted, ready to give up.

This is a discussion on exhausted, ready to give up. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; there is a limit if they haven't finished the background checks, etc in 60 days they are supposed to notify you that it will be ...

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Thread: exhausted, ready to give up.

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    there is a limit
    if they haven't finished the background checks, etc in 60 days they are supposed to notify you that it will be taking longer.
    may be having to "dig deeper" to get some answers for something, or the FBI check hasn't been completed. I know there are a lot of cases where the FBI is the bottle-neck.
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    I mailed my CHL packet into the Texas DPS on a Thursday and had my CHL back on the following Wednesday. I thought it was pretty good service.

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    the EXACT same thing has happened to me. I put in my app in mid April and I'm still waiting. I too was sent my picture to sign the back of it. My online status has said "Processing Application" for at least 30 days now.

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    It took me over 60 days to get my ccw renewed.I know how you feel!I am from a small state ;Maine

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    Call this number to talk to a live person... and let it ring, ring, ring. You will have to listen to all the menu options, but they WILL answer:


    it took me over 90 days to get mine due to THEIR error. Once it was discovered, they fixed it and were able to give me the date that it would mail out.
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    under three weeks for my wife and me in NC. Five months seems very long

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    Two weeks for me, and one for my wife (She's never lived outside of the county we live in now.... EVER....)

    Yeah, MONTHS sounds VERY long...
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