Request your input please

Request your input please

This is a discussion on Request your input please within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am in the process of writing a book to help those new to firearms, and concealed carry. My goal is to help them avoid ...

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Thread: Request your input please

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    Request your input please

    I am in the process of writing a book to help those new to firearms, and concealed carry. My goal is to help them avoid costly mistakes and assist in an imformative way, sort of a pocket, or small self help book.

    I would like for you guys and gals to list some of the things you wished you had known before hand, or things that were confusing to you when you first started carrying for protection.

    Also those here that are new to carrying, feel free to chime in too, as you may have a fresh perspective.


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    Rule number 1:

    Don't buy a single gun until you've done some research.
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    I agree with bigmacque.

    The very LAST thing you need to do is buy a gun. I know it's the fun part, and the standard "What's a good ccw for me and/or my wife?" makes for fun debates; however, there are many more important things to consider and resolve before purchasing a gun. Number one is: "Could you pull out your gun and kill someone in a self-defense situation?" Number two: "Do you really know what a proper self-defense situation looks like?"

    Somewhere on the list should be a caveat that if you start referring to yourself as a sheep doggie, or non-carriers as sheep, you're emotionally and mentally disqualified from being a concealed carrier.

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    Your ccw permit is not license to be a cop or a superhero. Emphasize various scenarios and judgements one may have to make especially regarding instances where a ccw holder should NOT get involved.

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    I wish I would have started with a smaller gun. Even though plenty of people out there pack a larger piece I think most new CCW'ers will be most comfortable with a sub compact or snubby.
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    The one thing I think I wish I had known was stick to buying the guns which are most popular. They got that way for a reason. It makes getting accessories and holsters a lot easier.

    The other thing I wish I was more aware of was the complexities of various auto mechanism, DAO, SA, DA/SA, in between.

    Everyone has different needs. As a non-LEO who is very unlikely to need a hand gun, I wish that I had been more aware of the options in compact guns---though, in reality many of the good ones came on the market after I started out.

    I also think that home defense and CC may require different guns.

    Mostly though, I wish I had more awareness of the very limited role a handgun has in self-defense and the very limited circumstances in which it can be lawfully presented. The need for other options is glaringly apparent after you start to carry.
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    Not sure how you would add this, but something to point out the different ways in which you can get a CCW. Many states are different and in some states like Maine, it is VERY different from town to town. My town along with many others in the state allow the town's Selectmen to issue as they see fit. Other towns or cities have one apply through the Sate Police dept.

    I hope that made sense.


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    I would make a strong recommendation that the person new to keeping/carrying defensive weapons take training in the legal, moral and ethical implications of the use of deadly force in defense of self and loved ones. If that sounds like an ad for Ayoob's LFI-1, it is (and there are several other similar courses out there). The guns and the gear and the shooting are necessary and can be fun, but the proper mindset is the zeroth requirement.

    We've all seen or known guys who make broad statements like "the second he crosses the threshold, he's dead" or similar, but I think very few of that type have given serious thought to the vital considerations such as ability-opportunity-jeopardy, and also what happens after the gunsmoke clears.

    Not to belabor the point, but I would make that type of guidance either the very first or the very last chapter in your book.

    BTW, as a literate engineer (one of the few), I'd be happy to review your stuff as your project matures.
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    Know the laws that apply to you.
    Understand the ramifications of shooting someone (even justified).
    Basic shooting techniques.
    Gun safety.
    Holster is pretty much required.
    Cost of the firearm is just the beginning of the expenses ;)
    Different types of concealment.
    Links to organizations/other materials of interest.
    We're all in favor of reducing violent crime. It's just that pro-gunners have a method that is proven effective. Anti-gunners don't.
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    Get a good holster and belt. It makes a huge difference.
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    Somethings that come to mind:
    Laws vary state by state from everything to the number of rounds, type of ammo you can have, where you can / can not carry, to how you can transport.
    Carrying / owning a gun does not make you invincible
    Your comfortable gun / holster combination may not be comfortable in a different vehicle.

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    New to handguns, and to carrying, simultaneously? So someone has decided for whatever reason, that the world is an ugly place and they need to defend themselves against bad people, and they need a gun to do it.

    Before they have to know the legal ramifications of carrying, before they choose a gun or a holster, before they go to a class; they need a commitment of mindset.

    First page of the book should show the most grisly color photograph of a dead gunfight victim... Face blown up, blood everywhere, gruesome and grisly.

    This is their choice. The photo can be of the person who tried to rob you at knife point... or it can be a photo of you after you were robbed and killed. But the CCW holder has to decide in his head and in his heart that he is willing to do this to another person, to keep from being a victim.

    This is not something to take lightly. The chances are quite slim that you will have to do this to someone to defend yourself.... but you have to decide at the outset, that you would be willing to do this to another human.

    The myth of ambulatory shoulder wounds is a tv myth... but think about what someone new to guns and ccw has seen...

    On the news: At worst a dead soldier, in fatigues, laying down, inert.
    In the movies: Guy gets shot in the shoulder... it hurts. Guy gets the knife shot out of his hand, Owie. Guy gets shot in the chest, he slaps his chest, a stain of blood appears, and he falls dead... maybe he spits some blood for effect.

    People who have lived through these things in real life, know better... Think of the first showings of Saving Private Ryan, many vets that attended walked out in the first minutes of the film.. because they had seen the real thing, and it was even more gruesome and they could not stand the reminder.

    There is a great possibility that if we ever actually have to use our self defense weapons... it is going to be grisly, grimy, bloody, loud, gruesome and deadly, it's going to be up close and personal, and we are going to live with the details for the rest of our lives.

    The odds are very good we will never end up seeing something like this... and we have decided that we will not be the subjects of such a photograph. But in order to prevent being the subject, we may have to cause someone else to be.
    It could be worse!
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    I don't know that I can add much that's new. Good gun belts and holsters are worth the price. Popular guns in popular calibers are easier to deal with. From ammo, to holsters, to repairs. My first carry gun was a solid gun, but I could not buy anything for it aftermarket. Research it, rent it, and shoot it before buying it. Get your head straight first, from what the gun is really for and what it's not for to whether you could even use it if you need to.
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    Reference the four rules no less than 100 times per chapter.

    Function over Fashion!

    Don't go it alone. Find a mentor. A responsible individual who has carried for some time. So many subtleties come with carrying. Most are easily overcome and forgotten and most are seemingly insurmountable as someone new to carrying.
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    In no certain order:

    Ask your CC instuctor for help in choosing a 1st handgun (assuming you have/are taking a CC class.)
    Read everything you possible can on your intended firearm of choice.
    Shoot a sample of the firearm you have chosen before purchasing it (assuming this is an option.)
    Learn some of the firearm lingo before purchasing a firearm. [FTE, FTF, Stovepipe DAO and SAO etc.)
    Refrain from buying a firearm just because your friend likes his.
    Know and understand your phisical limitations before purchasing a firearm.
    Decide whether your purchase will be for home defense, personal defense or both.
    Consider your carry options if your intended firearm will be carried daily.
    Purchase a few gun mamazines at the news stand and read through them.
    Do not buy a used firearm unless you know how to inspect it and know what to watch out for in a given model.

    Just some random thoughts..

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