Girlfriend filed for her CPL :)

Girlfriend filed for her CPL :)

This is a discussion on Girlfriend filed for her CPL :) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; She ought to have it in her hands shortly before Christmas. Just in time for the pistol I'll be getting her for Christmas. Went with ...

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Thread: Girlfriend filed for her CPL :)

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    Girlfriend filed for her CPL :)

    She ought to have it in her hands shortly before Christmas. Just in time for the pistol I'll be getting her for Christmas.

    Went with her to the courthouse today. As I emptied my pockets to go through the metal detectors I realized I'd left a speedstrip in my back pocket. I looked at her & quietly said I'd need to run back to the car real quick as one of the officers looked at me and asked, "What do you have?"

    To which I replied, "Sorry sir, I have my CPL and I'm unarmed, but I have a reload in my pocket."

    He held out his hand and said, "No problem, you can leave it with me and pick it up on your way out." Handed me a retrieval card. I expected more questions than that. I smiled and said thanks to the concerned looking young rookie cop standing nearby. As I walked through I heard them examining and admiring my Hornady Critical Defense amongst each other.

    Stupid mistake on my part. An explanation and resolution than never should have been necessary. Lesson learned. All's well that ends well..
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    At least they didn't freak out, put you on the floor and empty the speed strip...rookies cannot be too careful ya' know.
    Congrats on the gift for the GF, you will be giving her the tools for her own SD.
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    Sounds like a smooth and pleasant situation! Its good that the rookie wasnt over zellous and a poor experience resulting. Nice to know that some understand that we are all human and all error at times.

    Good Luck to your girl friend! I wish I could get my wife to take a course and apply. Perhaps over time.

    Keep safe and have a great holiday!
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    Very good that your girlfriend is getting her CPL
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    Definitely something to give thanks for.

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    Good going - nice to have a lady that is on the correct side of the self-defense issue.

    My courthouse "experience" came when I went to get a marriage license last year. Knife and gun were secured in the car, and I just flipped my keys in the basket before going through the metal detector. Mr. Sharp Eyes noticed the handcuff key on my key ring. "Are you a police officer or corrections officer?" Nope... so he laboriously pulled the cuff key off the keyring, gave me the keys and a receipt. No biggie, but I was surprised both that he saw it and that it was considered 'contraband' of sorts.
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    Girlfriend filed for her CPL :)
    Good for her! Tell her we are all behind her 100%, and hoping this works out well for a nice Christmas gift in more than one way. A bit of anticipation and excitement over the holidays is always good!

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    Tell her we all said congrats, hope she gets it soon.
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