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Requesting opinions from MC riders

This is a discussion on Requesting opinions from MC riders within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I still have the jacket I bought when I got back from Nam. Let's see... that's about 42 years ago. It's still in great shape ...

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Thread: Requesting opinions from MC riders

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    I still have the jacket I bought when I got back from Nam. Let's see... that's about 42 years ago. It's still in great shape and I keep it conditioned hoping I can eventually pass it down to one of the Grand Kids. Don't know what happened though, it kept shrinking over the years and eventually had to be replaced... um... twice.
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    Shoulder Holster all the way.
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    i wear a very similar scooter style jacket with laced sides and it works ok with an iwb carried firearm...

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    Hein-Gericke or Fox Creek both make excellent riding jackets. I'd suggest a model with an adjustable waistband, either zippers or laces, to accommodate a sidearm.

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    I have a J. Rocket jacket. No problems IWB.

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    Been riding for 25+yrs myself and have hit the pavement at least 6 times, (2 of them required extended hospital stays). The first time I was only wearing a T-shirt and still have 2 nasty scars from the asphalt.

    Since then, I don't care if it's 110 degrees out, I always wear a jacket!! I have tried the leather route, but with todays modern materials, I'll take a textile jacket over leather any day of the week! The last 2 actually survived and protected me better than any leather jacket I have ever owned. The one's with the padding/armor in them rule!!

    Anyhoo, I could never carry concealed anywhere, except in a shoulder holster or in my boot, (I always wear them, too). However, the shoulder holster can be a real rib breaker. I really like slipping the small 9mm or .380 in a Uncle Mike's IWB holster to the inside of my Alpinestars.

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck!!
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    IWB should be good to go. I find my leather waist length jacket tends to allow my OWB holster to peek out occasionally. Riding position will affect his obviously.
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    The first jacket linked to at Leather Up mentions "soft touch cowhide". Not sure what that means, but I'd think it would mean thinner, softer leather - less crash protection. I feel safer in a heavy leather jacket.

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    Here's some ideas for you, from leather motorcycle jacket or vest with "gun pockets", and carry undershirts . I have all 3 and they all work well. I also just carry IWB and have had no issues with it at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herknav View Post

    I am about to ask the wife for a MC jacket for Christmas. Since I mostly ride the bike to/from work, I don't normally carry on the bike (bad form on DoD installations). I am curious of what you think of this jacket.

    That jacket is better than nothing, but not really a good cycle jacket. It doesn't have any amour protection. You would be better served going to a local bike shop or online motorcycle site and getting something that offers better protection.

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    I noticed they didn't offer it in tall sizes which can usually allow for better IWB coverage. I do not like to alter the way I carry just because I am on my bike. I ride with a riders backrest which makes IWB easy even in a tee shirt. Of course a riders back rest won't be an option for some riders. The jacket got good reviews and seemed like it ran small. I have been wearing the Harley FXRG jacket for about 12 years and I am very happy with it.
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    I have this. I had to order a size larger as after reading reviews I came to understand that they ran small. I have no problem carrying IWB at the 1, 2 or 3 o'clock. I dont carry any further back than that with my current sub par holsters. I have also carried in a shoulder holster and it was comfortable. I did kick myself a bit as I stopped to eat and couldnt take the jacket off. The pockets have zippers and are roomy enough for my P3AT or a small revolver. There is also an inside pocket that would work well too. I am not tall (5'8") so length may end up being a factor for you. Good luck and keep the shiny side up.
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    The "classic" jackets, and the "gun pocket" vests sold at this site would fit your needs FOR SURE.
    (the prices beat the pants off leatherup, and it's better quality on some items LU sells)

    I have 3 of the vests for different missions and carry with them.
    I carry a Taurus PT911 in the front jacket pocket with no problems.

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    Gotta give another +1 to Fox creek. I'd feel safe wearing their jacket in anything short of a gunfight or an explosion.

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