CCW At Work? Sound off..

CCW At Work? Sound off..

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Thread: CCW At Work? Sound off..

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    CCW At Work? Sound off..




    Open Carry?
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    This comes up a lot, and always generates a lot of very . . . impassioned discussions.

    Personally, I don't think that an employer has any place to say anything in the matter unless they're going to provide armed security for you, and a lockbox on the premises or an escort to your vehicle after work. Especially for female employees, who are at the greatest risk for physical attack as they leave their workplace.

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    I'm a "CCW" instructor and I use my personal weapon as a demo in the classroom. That is the only reason I don't carry at work.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    One job have a policy against it so I just keep it in my car. I feel that it is their (employer) right to choose if they want their employees to carry. At the same time, I feel that right should end at the parking lot. As for my other jobs, they do not care if I carry or not.
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    I come in to work and work around weapons everyday. I instruct new shooters how to fire their weapons. I am sent by my job to learn how to better handle my weapon. When sent out "on a job" I am given a weapon with a strict set of rules as to when I can use it. I am not allowed to carry my own weapon for personal defense.........
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    CC at work, against company policy (vague - does not explicitly say in writing "firearm, pistol, gun"...etc, just "No Weapons"). In fact it was completely omitted form the last issued written copy of the company policy, though it was still verbally stated.

    I'm a mechanic. I have lots and lots of tools. Some of them are designed for very specific purposes.

    At the last company meeting, this was discussed in more detail, and even a fixed blade knife was considered a tool until it is used with intent to do harm, then it is a weapon. Really opened the door to the person, not the object.

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    I work in a CCW by state law.
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    I work at a community college and it is not allowed but outside of work almost allways.

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    Against co policy for employees and posted to public as well. New company policy also dictated couldn't have it in your car on company policy without written permission. I promptly e-mailed the person responsible for the policy and received the written permission for people at our facility to store them in their cars in the parking lot.

    I personally really struggle with an employer telling you that you can't protect yourself at work without them having a greater responsibility (and liability) to provide reasonable security. I understand private property rights and the choice to work somewhere or not. I guess that's the struggle.
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    My company policy is no firearms in the workplace, but I am a remote worker (out of my home) so I carry to work everyday.
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    I agree with Bugdude's last statement. I understand property rights, etc., but an employer should provide you with better security. The company I work for does not allow firearms, or knives. They even prohibit them from being left in your vehicle on company property (which includes the parking lot). There is no fence or gate into the property, anyone could be waiting in the parking lot between cars. The building has key card access, but that's not going to stop some crazed employee who has a key card and wants to go postal. Where's my protection in this?
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    Why not, provided you're not breaking any state & federal regulated CC laws, who's business is it but yours anyway. It's my opinion that, I provide a service for my employer and he/they pay for that service, that's where my loyalty to the company and it's policies end, plain and simple. Another opinion I have regarding both. Just because I walk through their door doesn't mean I turn over all my rights as an individual to self defense and am now part of a machine that operates for the benefit of the company solely, regardless of the rights surrounding the individuals that make up the company.

    This comes up a lot, and always generates a lot of very . . . impassioned discussions.
    Livewire9880, hit the nail on the head with that statement.....

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    I'm really kind of a cross between concealed and open. I have one holstered under the desk that I can grab, and if someone comes to the door that we're not sure I've been known to grab it and shove it in the small of my back as I answer the door.
    I'm in favor of gun control -- I think every citizen should have control of a gun.
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    Always carry...I work in a church and since I am the senior pastor I get to set policy. So my policy is "you betcha." I also work at a private college part time, and carry there. (legal in AZ) So you bet, if I am out of my home I am armed.
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    Can't CCW on base. Ironic isn't it?

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