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Revolver Carry?

This is a discussion on Revolver Carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I find a 5 shot .357 easy to carry and easier to conceal than most 9mm and up semi autos. My 3" Taurus 605 is ...

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Thread: Revolver Carry?

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    I find a 5 shot .357 easy to carry and easier to conceal than most 9mm and up semi autos. My 3" Taurus 605 is easy to shoot and I feel that the .357 round is one of the most effective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geronimo45 View Post

    AFAIK, only the bionic man could fire a revolver faster than an auto.
    Not really:
    Jerry Miculek is a speed shooter and competition shooting instructor, experienced in nearly every type of firearm made. He is renowned as one of the fastest revolver shooters in the world, emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a playing card.
    and he has emptied a six shot revolver, reloaded and fired another six rounds in 2.99 seconds. There is video on Utube.


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    I like the reliability of the revolver. I'll carry a Taurus Model 605 or a Taurus Model 85CH in a IWB holster. Sometimes I wear a vest with inside pockets and I'll carry both. For reloads I carry Bianchi Speed Strips.

    I just feel more comfortable with the revolver.

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    I carry my M36 Chiefs Special in a front pocket holster most of the year....and in colder weather, it goes on a Galco Combat sees more
    carry duty than all my semis combined.
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    I'm just going to pop this pimple!

    I just recently got my cwp and a m&p 9c that can literally put holes through holes. One problem i don't always dress for the gun and its pretty big for my frame. So i was looking at getting a S&W Performance Center 637 because they have also appealed to me and there having the rebate till the 31st. Was also looking at getting a moonclip conversion speedloaders can suck it!

    $100.00 to machine and return your cylinder
    $59.95 for (10) Stainless Steel Match Full Moonclips
    $49.95 for Moon Clip Loading Tool (prevents bending)
    $19.95 for Moonclip Stripper Tool (prevents bending)
    Total: $229.85

    Price of gun $509 with free work included from S&W

    Additional Features 1: Hand Stoned Trigger, Hammer Foot & Rebound Seat
    Additional Features 2: Performance Ctr, DSC Exclu, Reduced Rebound Spring

    I did just spend around 600 on the m&p though whats going on here? I haven't even sent it out for the apex level two trigger package yet($150) but i do have my meprolights waiting to be installed along with a few other goodies. Looks like revolver carry is in my future!!!

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    Depending on my destination AND which clothes I choose to wear, I carry a 642 (in either in a Don Hume IWB H715 MSO or an Uncle MIke's pocket holster) - or - an M&P 9c in a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe. Both are comfortable but for weight difference, you can't beat the 642.
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    See then theres the great debate about DA revolvers vs DA/SA. They also say a revolver fits your body more with the curve of the grip and the couture.

    "(My personal choices of armament for a gunfight include a belt-fed M-60, a company of Marines at my back and close air support, but it's kind of tedious to get all of that together for a trip to the grocery store. If it sounds like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth, it’s because I am. The snubby is an acceptable solution to the problem. It’s a whole lot better than throwing rocks, but it is not an optimal solution. A lightweight snubby is a trade-off of firepower for light weight, ease of carry, and conceal-ability.)"

    Great Read! - Review on 637 - Why I carry a Revolver

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    I tend to rotate through carry platforms on a yearly basis.

    That means that every few years I find myself packing a wheelie or three. I never feel underarmed with a good revolver. If you can master a revolver, you can shoot anything to a fairly high level of competence is my opinion. For the primary carry gun I like the 3" revolver with a 2" BUG as a minimum. I tend to carry the following:

    3" GP100 IWB
    2 1/4" SP101 IWB
    2" J-Frame Pocket/Ankle

    That gives me accessability to a firearm, no matter which hand I have available. The reloads are .357 Magnum, the same as what's in the two Rugers. I also carry a Speed Strip or two of 38 SPL in my pocket for the J-Frame. I find the larger revolving pistol easier to hide than it's bottomfeeding counterpart, YMMV.

    I find the 3" guns to carry like a 2" gun, but shoot like a 4" gun. I noticed that you are considering the 3" Model 65 and would strongly encourage that over any 2 1/2" gun if it was to be my primary carry gun.


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    I carry three Taurus® revolvers................
    • Mdl 617SS2 357 Magnum @ 4 o'clock; either IWB or OWB
    • Mdl 605SS2 357 Magnum in an ankle holster
    • Mdl 85SS2UL 38 Special in pants or jacket pocket

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerriLi View Post
    I've gotten the revolver bug so bad that I'm not only switched from my Sig P220 to a S&W 65, and am currently trying to trade my Sig for a Taurus 617. I just prefer them now to semi-autos. Plus that 617 will make a great BUG when I hopefully start Border Patrol.
    Where in Fl. are you? I've got a stainless Taurus 617 that I bought NIB last year and shot it once at the range. Can you send me pic's of your Sig?

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    I've been carrying a Ruger SP 101, .357 magnum, 2 1/4 inch barrel, factory grips for quite a few years. It's carried in a Galco retention OWB holster and loaded with 125gr. FMJ's. Have never had a problem with this handgun. There are smaller/lighter .357 magnums on the market but the SP 101, IMHO, is one of the best around. I've never had any mechanical problems of any kind. I would recommend this handgun to anyone interested in a CCW revolver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortBBL View Post
    So.... for those of you who carry a Revolver... what do you carry, how do you carry and any other thoughts you have on it.

    PS. Wife has carry permit but has yet to carry. I want to fix that ASAP!
    Ruger SP101, 3 1/16 inch barrel in .327 magnum, 6-shots. This is what my wife prefers to shoot at the range, but she too has yet to carry.

    For those inclined to denigrate this as merely a .32, compare the ballistics to a 9mm or 38+P.
    115gr Gold Dots: Muzzle velocity: 1335 fps, Muzzle energy: 455 ft. lbs.
    There's a new 100gr Gold Dot out now that I've yet to try: Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps, Muzzle Energy: 500 ft. lbs. This exactly matches the 100gr range rounds.

    I recently picked up a Charter Arms .327 with a 2.2 inch barrel and a Crimson Trace laser grip. It's much lighter than the Ruger but borderline brutal to shoot. My wife fired one round and went back to the Ruger.
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    I switch between 2 wheel guns for CC (pocket carry)

    -LCR (.38) & CA .44 spl

    I now realize that pocket carry is what I like. Being able to have my hand on the grip of my weapon while nobody knows is a real valuable plus in my book. The LCR gets the most carry time due to being lightweight and smaller than the CA. I'm a big dude, so my pants pockets on majority of my jeans will accommodate the CA. Plus it helps to wear Tru-Specs 24/7 pants that have humongous front pockets! Today I got the CA riding in the front right pants pocket…

    I now realize that pocket carry is my #1 choice. Now I need a BUG…leaning toward the P2000sk for that role. The slide on my 45c is just too long for me, or maybe that's my warped mind trying to justify buying a new gun?!? Regardless to what you say, the wife gave the green light! (she even commented…"that's a big gun"

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    I often carry a 1965 model Colt Detective special loaded with 6 gold dots. It's not +P rated, but using them in a self defense situation isn't going to kill the pistol. for practice, I shoot non +P ammo. The thing I like about revolvers is I don't have to spend time clearing a misfire, just pull the trigger again.

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    I have heavily considered carrying a few revolvers.But i cant leave my 1911s.

    I hate to drag out the debate of reliability vs capacity,but seeing as my 1911s only hold 7,this is irrelevant.How fast can you reload with speedloaders as opposed to magazines? What are you comfortable and confident with? Its personal.

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    S&W model 66 snubby

    I have lots of revolvers and my favorite for carry is probably the S&W model 66 snubby, a .357 magnum with stainless finish and Badger boot grips. The gun is reliable and very accurate, with an excellent trigger and easy concealability in a belt scabbard holster. I carry the medium velocity Remington Golden Saber ammo, which is 125 grain with a muzzle velocity close to 1200 fps from a snubby. The contours of the gun and grip allow it to ride very high on the belt with no printing at all. It is heavy enough (32 ounces empty) to handle the recoil of the ammo.

    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the Peoples' Liberty's Teeth." - George Washington

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