Revolver Carry?

Revolver Carry?

This is a discussion on Revolver Carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do you carry a revolver? I am thinking about going back to a revolver from semi-auto's. I like that they are simple to use... always ...

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Thread: Revolver Carry?

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    Revolver Carry?

    Do you carry a revolver? I am thinking about going back to a revolver from semi-auto's. I like that they are simple to use... always work (if you have a decent one) and, the big part for me, the wife can use one with no jack-the-slide type of concerns. I don't know.... maybe I just need to work with her to learn good semi-auto skills?

    She shoots my G26, SW642, Single Actions.... maybe just teaching safe semi-auto carry technics would be ok. I also have an LCP I was thinking about having her try out.

    I do like revolvers a lot though. I was thinking of carrying a Smith 65 3" or a 2.5" Model 19..... or 66. Possibly even a Ruger sp101.

    I am thinking OWB carry. I'm not a fan of IWB, especially with a big cylinder.

    So.... for those of you who carry a Revolver... what do you carry, how do you carry and any other thoughts you have on it.


    PS. Wife has carry permit but has yet to carry. I want to fix that ASAP!

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    I carry a 5 shot LCR revolver and I use a high noon mr softy IWB. I am not a fan of OWB for concealed caryy.

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    A J-frame snubby is a frequent companion, but just for pocket carry (in a pocket holster). In spite of open carry being allowed in AZ, I prefer concealed for all the usual reasons, so when it's difficult to carry an autoloader on the hip the snub goes into a pocket. I tried IWB with this one but it was less comfortable for me than a full-size 1911.

    I also have a factory-DAO K-frame (M64) just waiting for the right holster to get carried more, but more comonly a compact 9 or a lightweight Kimber are carried.
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    I carry my security six in a don hume 721OT, and all my other guns I also use a 721OT. All around 3 o'clock or slightly forward of it. One or two speed loaders on the left side. It is a bit heavier than my p345 but when i feel the urge for a wheelie that is what I go for. Also have a LCR .357 but don't carry it as I have yet to get a pocket holster for it

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    First of all, Welcome to Defensive Carry...Since you asked for an opinion, then here's one of THOUSANDS you will get...I am partial to semi-auto. I also have/carry a G26 and/or a S&W 642. I carry OWB using a conceal garment. The 642 is normally either carried as a BUG or pocket carry to walk outside at night or around the house. My primary carry is a G19. I also have an LCP, which once again is a BUG or pocket carry depending on my needs. I believe training is the key to your weapon of choice and that means training on BOTH the semi-auto AND the revolver. At that point, let the wife choose the one that makes HER comfortable and not you. As for yourself, the same advice applies. I prefer Semi-auto for several reasons, but higher round count is one. I can't get that with a revolver as a primary. I encourage you and the wife to get some formal training with a reputable school/instructor. Then train train and train some more until your comfort level with your weapon(s) of choice become second nature to both of you. JMO
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    I pocket-carry a 637 in my outer coat in the winter. Otherwise, my IWB's are all semi-auto. You're gonna find a bunch of wheelie fans here.
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    Should you go wheelgun I vote for an older S&W 66 w/ 2 1/2" barrel. The one gun I regret selling and there were a lot. For me perfect size and easy to handle.
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    In the warm weather it's a S&W 638 at 15 ounces in a pocket holster. Cold weather a Ruger SP 101 or a S&W 649 at 25 ounces on the belt.

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    You pull the trigger it always burps. Cannot say the same for a semi. OWB--try a simply rugged silver dollar pancake.

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    Most revolvers can be carried easily or comfortably. So, I'm not sure I'm seeing what your question or issue is. I also carry a 7 shot revolver IWB, with no issues at all.
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    I am one of those wheelie fans... i started carrying last spring, and thought i needed a Glock 30... which by the way is AWESOME!!! but i found myself leaving it at home after several months of carry... i then started to pocket carry my Smith 642, and later added a Smith 442, and i dont think i will return to carrying the GLock, not that there is a thing wrong with that set up. The airweight J frames are light, and will go in almost any pocket, IWB, OWB, Ankle carry, whatever you prefer. With enough practice, you should get pretty good at it... at least at distances that a self defense situation may arise. Good luck with your decision... that is what makes America great!!!!!!!! the ability to choose. Bunker

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    On duty I have to carry the issued 9mm Beretta pistol, off duty I can carry what I want. I carry about 95-99% of the time when off duty. I choose a revolver about 95% of the time. The revolvers I carry most are a 4" Colt Python, 4" S&W model 28-2, and a 3" S&W model 65-3. I know they are 357 Magnums but I carry 125 gr SJHP 38 Spec +P in all of my 357's, in case the wife needs one quick. I have also carried occasionally a 4" S&W model 10-8, 4" S&W model 686-1, 6" Colt Python, and for fun kicking around the woods a 5 1/2" Ruger Vaquero in 44 Mag.

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    I pocket carry a 442 .38+P inside a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster as a backup or as my main carry when I cannot conceal carry my main carry gun. I don't think I see myself carrying a revolver as my main carry all the time. I feel confident that I can reload quick enough since I have practiced it a lot with my J-frame, but why bother when you can have 10 - 15 shots and reload quicker with a semi-auto. Sure, revolvers are more reliable but if you are worried about reliability get a Glock, Sig or Heckler & Koch.
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    I carry a LCR, IBW Blade Tec holster.

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    Welcome!!!! I have both wheel guns and semi-autos. I carry either or both. My heart belongs to revolvers, but I like them all and probably carry semis more often. My most carried revolvers are a S&W 442 (airweight 5 shot snub .38+P) and a Ruger SP101 (stainless steel 5 shot snub .357 Magnum). I usually carry the 442 in pants pocket or jacket pocket in the winter. I carry it as my only firearm a lot in the summer and as quick access in winter jacket pocket. Often it is carried in my left front pants pocket as a secondary access to whatever else I'm carrying on my right side.

    The SP101 I find very easy to carry IWB. I found a soft sided IWB clip holster that allows my belt to ride right above the cylinder. I also have a good OWB holster that draws it in very close with an untucked shirt. With a good holster and belt, a revolver can be easily carried and concealed IWB or OWB.

    As for your wife, I'd let her choose what platform she prefers and what specific weapon works best for her. Revolvers are simple to load, unload, and tell if they are loaded, etc. Simple to use...point and pull.

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