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Thread: Cold weather lube

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    Cold weather lube

    Anyone know of a good lubricant for carrying a M&P 9c in cold weather (10 to 30 F) weather?

    I've found the gun has a lot of failures to return to battery if it's not properly lubricated (in warm weather), so I'm a bit concerned about it out in the cold.

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    Breakfree CLP is my favorite. However, the viscosity of most name-brand lubricants will not vary significantly over the temperature range to which most folks will expose their carry weapon.

    If your M&P is failing to go into battery then also check your magazines for proper functioning and try different ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iram View Post
    Anyone know of a good lubricant for carrying a M&P 9c in cold weather (10 to 30 F) weather?

    I've found the gun has a lot of failures to return to battery if it's not properly lubricated (in warm weather), so I'm a bit concerned about it out in the cold.
    replace the recoil spring

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    Get an extra power recoil spring from Wolff Gunsprings...
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    If its your edc, then it should not be an issue. Keep it IWB and it should be warm enough as long as you are using a quality lube. I use Gunzilla and have not had an issue so far.

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    I use Kroil. It is a light lubricant / penetrating oil. It is much thinner than most you will find. If I were doing alot of shooting I would want a heavier lube. For a gun I want to function during extreme cold Kroil is great.
    Kroil does not gum up like some other penetrating lubes I've seen. Such as wd-40 or PBlaster.


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    I use a little dot of lithium grease on the rails of my 1911. I've carried while hunting at -20F and experienced no problems (shot it at a target back at camp). Don't use too much, just a small dot on each rail. I changed to a Wolff spring as soon as I got my 1911. The lithium grease works well at extreme desert temps in August too.
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    +1 for CLP breakfree. It does a good job.
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    I don't advocate any grease on rails in the winter. Oil only.

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    Break free CLP hands down, I even use it as a cleaning "solvent". With any lubricant on a well made firearm, less is best! I lube and then wipe, leaving a thin film on surfaces that mate and move.

    Also, it's very important to clean your firearm more often in cold weather. Any dirt buildup which includes lube is more likely to harden and cause a malfunction. A mixture of dirt and lube will harden up quicker than just lube by itself.

    Bottom line, in cold weather I use minimal lube unless I am planning on firing more than a few rounds. If I am shooting in a IPSC match I lube normally and keep my pistol close to my body or in my car until it's time to shoot.

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    I'd look at getting the gun fixed first. That gun should be able to run dry without any problems for awhile. I don't think any of the common gun lubes are going to freeze to the point the gun wouldn't operate in the temps you mentioned. I use breakfree with CLP to wipe everything down and then lube the slide with FP-10. Never had any issues in Colorado's weather.

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    What cajun said,I can run several hundred rounds thru my guns before the slide starts getting sticky,If your having failures to return to battery replace the recoil spring like others have said
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    Anyone use Rem oil on the rails anymore?
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    Mobil-1 or any synthetic oil. Used to run my 3-wheeler in Alaska on Mobil-1 when others with conventional oil wouldn't even turn over. Even light application of synthetic grease on the rails shouldn't affect a properly operating gun carried on the person. Since you're already having an issue in warm weather, you need to address that first. Try a new recoil spring as previously suggested. It's cheap troubleshooting.
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    I use this in the warm climate of Florida because there is no viscosity issues with the lube running down to the lowest point on the firearm when holstered. I think this would also hold true in colder climates since the lubricant is heat treated into the metal of the firearm. My $.02.
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