Letter to Boondocks corporate office.....

Letter to Boondocks corporate office.....

This is a discussion on Letter to Boondocks corporate office..... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was thinking about taking the Wifey and kids to Boondocks for a little fun in the next few weeks, and when browsing their site, they ...

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Thread: Letter to Boondocks corporate office.....

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    Letter to Boondocks corporate office.....

    Was thinking about taking the Wifey and kids to Boondocks for a little fun in the next few weeks, and when browsing their site, they have a total no weapons policy listed on the website.

    I was thinking about sending this to corporate in regards to their outright ban.
    If they say no, then that's their right and it's my right to not go there and patronize them. Critique is appreciated.

    Mods....If this is in the wrong place or not appropriate, please let me know. I don't post here a whole heck of a lot, but am a staunch 2A advocate, and we've all got to stick together. Thanks.

    As a long time Colorado resident, I am curious as to your corporate policy regarding law abiding citizens who carry legal(as permitted by state law) concealed weapons at your facilities in the Northglenn, CO location.

    While I completely respect all private property owners rights in regards to what is or is not allowed on their premises, I am hoping that Boondocks, like many, many other businesses in Colorado and around the country would simply adhere to the laws of the state in which they do business.
    I'd like to bring the Wife and kids for a visit to enjoy the entertainment, but would prefer to not leave my firearm at home or in my vehicle where it could potentially be stolen.

    I look forward to your response to my inquiry.

    Thanks and best regards.

    Thornton, CO.

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    Sorry to say but you probably won't win your battle... but your short, poignant and well understood letter is fair.

    We and the store owner may not agree but...

    They have their rights on their property

    We have our rights but must respect their right to govern their property.
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    I'll wager their business insurance requires that caveat.

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    I had to look them up. First thing I saw was a weapons training system. I wonder if they understand irony.
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    This was an interesting read, and I will only post segments of it.


    Financial Liability for No Guns Allowed signs? GRPC Notes #3

    A Book on the Subject

    Since that time Chuck Klein has written a book entitled "Guns in the Workplace", A Manual for Private Sector Employers and Employees.

    It is not an understatement that this book should be read by everyone one that owns their own business. Additionally business owners should make it required ready for their entire Human Relations Departments if their business is large enough to require one.

    As I have oft stated in the past, should I encounter a "No Firearms allowed sign" in my travels I, as a law abiding citizen, will respect the wishes of that management and not patronize their establishment.

    Klein's book, edited by William M. Gustavson Esq., is an excellent "how to" manual for those that are struggling with the idea of employees and consumers legally carrying firearms on their property. The book carefully examines both sides of the decision to allow it or not.

    The most interesting aspect that I gleaned from the book concerns the financial liability that a business may incur if they decide to prohibit the legal carry of firearms on their property.

    Klein indicates that should harm occur that could have been prevented had that person been in possession of their legally carried firearm, the business could be financially liable in a civil action brought by that person or person/s survivors for failure to provide or allow for adequate protection.

    Klein writes that in some states statutes have been written "exempting" businesses from such liability when they declare their property a "Gun-FreeZone". He points out however that courts generally do not favorably view a for profit business being free from liability for intentionally restricting the ability of law abiding citizens to provide for their own safety and protection.

    Klein goes on to reference the Federal Liability Statute (USC Title 42 , Chapter 21, Sub chapter 1) that;

    ...... causes to be subjected, any citizen or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proceedings for redress ...

    In other words the federal law will trump the state law and businesses that post their properties relying solely on the state statute to protect them could still be liable for financial losses.

    Intentional Acts are not covered by most Policies

    This has led many to believe that we are covered by the "well that is what I have insurance for" axiom.

    Again Klein cautions those responsible for making the "Gun-free Zone" decision to consider;

    Most insurance policies have an exclusionary for "intentional acts" committed by those covered by the policy.

    Preventing the exercise of a Right by a property owner/manager is an INTENTIONAL ACT.

    I think once pro gun lawyers and the NRA and all the pro gun groups start talking this up, it may change the mentality of the companies.
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