Another reason not to carry past those signs

Another reason not to carry past those signs

This is a discussion on Another reason not to carry past those signs within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Going for a meeting at ridgeview mental health facility in oakridge tn today, I see a sign on the door that forbids weapons. The sign ...

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Thread: Another reason not to carry past those signs

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    Another reason not to carry past those signs

    Going for a meeting at ridgeview mental health facility in oakridge tn today, I see a sign on the door that forbids weapons. The sign does not meet TN law to legitimately prohibit cc. Not even the new law that makes the circle and slash gun-buster sing legit.

    But my personal rule is that if the ownership makes it clear that they don't want weapons inside, I don't carry past the sign. I either disarm or don't go in. I did not think that I was going inside of the secure area of the facility. I went back to the truck and put my fire arm under the seat lock up and went inside.

    Then we (my son and I) were escorted to the secure area! Had to empty pockets and undergo a wand scan. So, took of the iwb holster with the metal clips, 2 loaded magazines . . .

    My son sad "You brought a firearm to a Nut house"! I replied: "No, firearm is in the truck"! He then said: "But you brought ammunition"! The very nice tech who was taking us through security said: " which is absolutely harmless without the firearm"!

    Any way, had the meeting retrieved holster, 2 loaded magazines, cell phone . . .
    And left
    No eyebrows raised. If I had walked past the sign at the front door, it still would not have been a problem. When I realized I was going into the secure area, I would simply have said I need to go back to my truck. Worst case (and a long stretch) they would have got suspicious and called the police who would have told them to fix their sign? Or, maybe I would have to get a lawyer to defend my decision to carry past the front door?
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    I think you made a good choice!
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    My son sad "You brought a firearm to a Nut house"!
    I bet that raised a few eyebrows.

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    Food for thought on those rare occasions when I actually miss the signage. It happens and you could be screwed either way.
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    Some states at least have provisions in the law that require secured on site storage for firearms if entering the screened facility. Colorado's is very detailed on the subject. Not banned from the building, just banned past the security checkpoint (which is typically at the entrance).

    Having the buildings actually conform to the law however...

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    If it is private property and they don't want guns inside, I wouldn't challenge that, good decision.
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    Nice job on your decision and I think your son asked the right question. Having been involved in the mental health field it is important to never take any weapon into a mental health facility. To many things can go wrong. I can assure you!
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    Good thinking on your part...
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