My Texas Brethren-Read Please

My Texas Brethren-Read Please

This is a discussion on My Texas Brethren-Read Please within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the 2009 Texas legislative session, two important bills died in the Calendars Committee, the "Parking Lot" bill and the "Campus Carry" bill. The ...

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Thread: My Texas Brethren-Read Please

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    My Texas Brethren-Read Please

    In the 2009 Texas legislative session, two important bills died in the Calendars Committee, the "Parking Lot" bill and the "Campus Carry" bill. The parking lot bill would prohibit employers from extending their "no firearms" policies into their parking lots, and would prohibit adverse actions against employees for having guns in their vehicles. The campus carry bill would permit CHL-holders to carry in buildings on campus.

    New versions of both bills have been introduced in both House and Senate this session. Both of our new freshman representatives from Lubbock County are co-authors, and their strong pro-gun and TEA Party backing are big parts of what got them elected. The same thing happened in lots of other legislative districts. Unfortunately, our local state senator was partly responsible for the bills dying last session.

    Parking Lot: HB 681 and SB 321
    Campus Carry: HB 750 and SB 354

    You can get online and find out if your representative and senator are co-authors of any of these bills, and can also find contact information so you can light up their phone lines and e-mail boxes if they are not.

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    Just fired off some emails,neither one of my guys were on there,and as dangerous as border towns are getting they should be
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    My state rep and state senator are both in favor, but I've contacted others that I hear are borderline. Both laws are important.

    Right now, I have to be unarmed going to and from work because of my employer's policy (and yes, I choose to follow it since I'm an executive officer for the company but without the ability to change it). If the state changes the law, then I'm armed to and from work, and my company is none the wiser...

    Campus carry is important because my son is rapidly approaching college age. While he won't be able to legally carry concealed until he's 21, others can and would. As everyone here knows, the campus would be a safer place.

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