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The .22 as a self defense gun

This is a discussion on The .22 as a self defense gun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by lonewolf5347 mini-mag" by CCI in 22 long rifle I see a new bullet called the Maxi-Mag in 22 long rifle 40 Gr. ...

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Thread: The .22 as a self defense gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf5347 View Post
    mini-mag" by CCI in 22 long rifle
    I see a new bullet called the Maxi-Mag in 22 long rifle 40 Gr. pill pushed at 1875 I would think it would do a great job in stopping power if the shot was placed in the right place.I do carry them in my 21 A beretta .
    You would not want to use the maxi-mag or stingers in the Walther P22. They are too long and do not load all of the way into the barrel. There are notes about this on CCI's website as well as Walther's but people always ignore it and I can't tell you how many people out there on the Internet advocate these rounds in the P22. They end up exploding out the back or side of the shell. I came to the conclusion the velotiors or the mini-mags are probably your safest bet in that gun, if used for self-defense.

    Although my Walther P22 is very reliable, it does have issues loading the first round out of the magazine, just like all of them do. There are some ways to fix that based on some info I've read out there. But as long as you are familiar with the gun and it's quirk, or if you carry a round in the chamber, then you are probably ok. Just be warned, even if you carry a round in the chamber and have a full mag with 10 rounds in it, the next round may fail to feed. So you might want to carry one on the chamber and leave only 9 in the mag. It should operate very reliably that way.

    I know this thread is old, and I've been critized many times because I have admitted to carrying a .22 at times (which somehow always gets incorrectly requouted to the point people believe that I always carry one and actually advocate it). However, I can say that I no longer carry the .22 at all. That is because now my wife and I both have 2 guns for each of us. (4 total) One medium sized, and one .380 mouse gun. So I always have at least a .380 available to me at all times. So the P22 has been officially demoted to a plinker. But I'm fortunate that my finances allow me to have 5 handguns. Not everyone can afford that. So if a P22 is what you have, then use it.

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    I've also found that .22 semi-autos tend to get really dirty, really fast, with some brands of ammo. They are prone to jamming if they don't get cleaned and maintained more so than other firearms. I can fire a 10 round clip through one of my .22s (Ruger MK III or CZ 452) and 10 rounds through my Browning X-Bolt 7mm08 and the .22s will be far dirtier than my deer hunting rifle. This is an aside from the ammo not cycling properly, or being a dud. Even the best .22 ammo I bought still has issues in the semi-autos I've fired at times. Better quality ammo has less issues is all.

    Sure, the .22s are far more fun to shoot, and way cheaper. I still wouldn't want to rely on one for SD if I had any other options, but if it was the only option... A .22 is easier to carry than a baseball bat or a crowbar. That, and my MK III is the bull barrel version that is built like a tank. I could clock someone pretty hard with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullitt1724 View Post
    Generally I have to agree with you except, my wife carries a P22. She has had wrist surgery and can not shoot anything larger without a great deal of pain. I would rather her have that P22 than just harsh words. :-)
    If the surgery was to her primary shooting hand,you might see how well she shoots off handed,due to a spinaol injury I have paratial paralysis of my right hand,I have learned to shoot left handed.
    As far as the 22 I saw a show that depicted a real life criminal on the run,he carjacked a couple and there was a 6 shot 22 revolver in drivers door pocket,at the first chance possible the driver used the gun,out of 6 shots 4 struck the BG in the chest,It kinda made him really mad and they were lucky he didn't kill them,later on he was captured by LEO and survived the wounds,I wouldn't trust my life to a 22 if I had other options
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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