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Can you believe this?

This is a discussion on Can you believe this? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is so wrong, but yet, symptomatic of the society in which we live, on so many levels. A system of jurisprudence run amuck, a ...

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Thread: Can you believe this?

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    This is so wrong, but yet, symptomatic of the society in which we live, on so many levels. A system of jurisprudence run amuck, a belief in entitlement run amuck, a jury and their willingness to throw logic out, attorneys allowed to behave in such a fashion. Arggghhhhh. It just slays me.

    If the full record were reviewed I bet it reads like the Keystone Cops beat on the Three Stooges. I suggest it is and will be appealed and overturned, but hey, what do I know.
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    Maybe Denny's should consider hiring TSA people to screen customers before allowing them to sit down to eat.

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    Three of the victims filed suit because they believed the Denny's restaurant did not take steps to keep customers and staff safe.
    That sentence says a lot about sheep, always thinking it's someone else's responsibilty to keep them safe, rather than they themselves taking steps to protect themselves. Stupid ---- stupid ---- stupid.

    Sue the guy's parents too... they raised him, and the schools... because they didn't get him help and should have seen it coming in the future, and the police dept for not having officers in every open business, the gun mfgr, the ammo mfgr, the car mfgr that he drove him there because he was able to use it to get there and aided him in the crime, and the table / booth mfgr for not making it bullet proof.

    As it's been stated time after time, can't fix stupid.
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    The verdict will probably be appealed. I doubt it will end up that big.

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    You have to be kidding me.

    $46 mil. between 3 of the injured.
    even if they split it evenly, thats over 15 each.

    Said the one guy is getting a bigger chunk.

    Yep, Society is messed up.
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    Anybody want to shoot me in a Denny's? I'll split the money with you......just make sure you don't hit anything vital.

    Sounds like the sorry ambulance chasing lawyers have won another one.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Denny's needs a better attorney.
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    Still the worst thing I have ever heard, was the JUDGE that tried to sue for $67 mil, because a dry cleaner lost a pair of pants. Luckily the court ruled in favor of the dry cleaners. But seriously? A Judge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slafav View Post
    They can't post SWAT teams in every Denny's to make sure people can eat a drunken meal at 2:00am.
    Denny's used to be the favorite spot for the Sheriff's office overnight mid-shift meetup. Perhaps 4-5 Sheriff's cars would help if they couldn't afford the SWAT team?
    I don't know where they go now that our Denny's closed down.....IHOP maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggie313 View Post
    they should have had a no guns sign. that would have stopped it
    Maybe they did have a no guns sign and that was why they got sued. Long shot, I know but how knows.
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    RE: The McDanold's Coffee Spill

    Yeah, and the lid wasn't put on the coffee tightly either. And when they asked the kid at the drive-up window why he didn't put it on tightly, like the customer had requested, the the kid replied that the cup was too hot to hold! ... Not exactly what you want your witness to say in front of a jury.
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    [QUOTE=oneshot;1869445]You have to be kidding me.

    $46 mil. between 3 of the injured.
    even if they split it evenly, thats over 15 each.

    Don't forget the lawyers get at least a third !!! They would be affended you didn't include them
    Great privilege comes with great responsibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Everyone on the jury should be taken out behind the barn and be slapped until they get some common sense.

    Just like the jury that awarded millions to a woman who stuck a hot cup of coffee from McDonald's between her legs while driving and spilled it. Then sues them for not warning her it was hot enough to cause burn. This is a major company, they have deep pockets. Let's stick it to them.
    Clearly, Denny's is responsible for this incident and from now on they should have to pose the following warning message clearly visible on the front door:

    "Warning to all potential patrons: our clientele may include psychotic people armed with dangerous weapons. Enter this building at your own risk of being shot to death for any reason."
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    It has now just been opened up for every victim everywhere to sue the business where they were victimized, the city, county, and state, the individuals who were present, ad naseum. The only ones benefitting are the lawyers on both plaintiff and defense. This actually sets the stage for my business, next door to Denny's, to sue Denny's for them being an attraction to the criminal element; and based on this case as precedent there is no reason I can't be awarded millions for my business suffering a decline in the revenues I think should be coming into my business - customers are being scared away. But not too scared to consistently frequent Denny's. Hmmmmmm. Think I'll have problems finding an attorney to take my case?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stickpig View Post
    I used to think the same way about the McDonald's suit, but then I read about the case and found out they served coffee in excess of 200 degrees, or practically boiling. The lady dropped the cup trying to put it somewhere to stop it from burning her fingers and she ended up with 3rd degree burns.
    Bingo! ^^

    That law suit gets cited more often than the Pledge of allegiance, yet as _fact_ it was exactly as you state above AND McDs had been sued multiple times prior (out of court settlements) for this same infraction AND they well knew that their coffee service was much higher than industry temp norms.
    That woman was _maimed_ for life including her skin at her inner thighs, vagina and clitoris literally melted (!) upon contact with a liquid that otherwise was sold to her for ingestion (!).
    That case was not baseless as very often it is referenced, inferred and wholly mis-cited...As well McDonalds was well in the wrong and should have been sued (I would have if it were my wife or me).

    As to this Denny's item, no comment.
    The likelihood of this judgment NOT being reduced upon appeal, if not wholly reversed, is slimmer than Calvin Klein pants.

    - Janq
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