Belly band users question

Belly band users question

This is a discussion on Belly band users question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First let me say that I can not carry where I live in the People's Republic of Maryland. I do have a Utah non-res permit ...

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Thread: Belly band users question

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    Belly band users question

    First let me say that I can not carry where I live in the People's Republic of Maryland. I do have a Utah non-res permit that will allow me to carry in neighboring states, but the point being that it will be a rare occasion that I'll be able to carry. That being said, I bought a belly band holster at a gun show recently. I was playing with it and trying out positions around my body and drawing. It works extremely well with my S&W 3913. It doesn't work so well with my new FNX-9. Even with the gun situated in the two or three o'clock position it gets snagged up and doesn't want to come out. In the four or five o'clock position where it's being pulled out on more of an angle, it's almost impossible to get out. And if I'm lifting a shirt out of the way I can't be holding the belly band down to ease the extraction.

    So I guess I'm wondering, has anyone else had this problem? Is it just a matter of getting a belly band that is maybe made to accomodate a larger pistol? Any insight is welcomed from belly band users with mid-size to larger pistols.

    I realize that there are other types of holsters besides belly band. I have tried a few and have found the belly band to be most comfortable. It can be slid around. It can be placed up above the belt line almost in the rib area. It seems to be the most versatile and comfortable. And I don't have to almost take my pants off to install or remove an IWB type holster. Again, I am very inexperienced with holsters, but the belly band seems to have a lot going for it, although I would guess that a vast majority of carriers use 'real' holsters.

    And remember, I could always just carry the 3913 in the band, but the FNX holds so many more rounds and it is a light weight pistol that I would love to carry when the oportunity arises. Taking a trip this summer through Virginia, N. Carolina and Tennessee to the Smokey Mts. Looking forward to carrying then. The FNX would be my preference but the 3913 will work if need be.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I do own a bellyband. It fits several of my handguns but not all of them. I'd imagine yours is the same. Unlike you I do not find the bellyband a comfortable way to carry but it can be a useful tool at times and it is quite versatile. You will probably eventually do as many of us do...that is end up with a sizeable holster collection.

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    I carry in a bellyband probably 70% of the time due to the fact you can tuck your shirt in over it. I carry either my 9x18 Makarov or my .40 Cal G23 in it. I have no problems drawing either of these two but I carry SOB when using the belly band. I will try it with the Ruger Security Six and see if I have any problems.

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    I have one; I really liked it until I got a N82 tuckable holster with a single belt clip, I think it is more comfortable more versitle and snag free...........

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    Well I absolutely hate the belly band. Doesn't feel secure, it's hard to draw from and nearly impossible to reholster. Thumbs down from me

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    I have one laying in the bottom of my "why did I buy this holster" drawer. JMO but the belly band rates right up there with the Pager Pal holster, neat idea, but not practical.
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    Mine works fine. I locate it in the same area and height a IWB holster would carry it. In other words, about the belt line. No issues with most of my guns, except the larger / heavier ones. I do carry a 7 shot .357 in it at times with no issues as well. Works extremely well if wearing shorts.

    You might look at a conceal shirt... for the other one, as it works much better with a heavier or larger gun.
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    Got one, don't use it much as I find it uncomfortable after a few hours. However it does work when a holster cannot be used and it conceals well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Mine works fine. I locate it in the same area and height a IWB holster would carry it. In other words, about the belt line. No issues with most of my guns, except the larger / heavier ones.
    I bought a belly band intending to wear it around my waist line as well. However I found that it was so wide and the velcro so stiff that I could not sit down with it around my waist. There are some different brands out there so if this is not an issue for you, would you mind saying what brand you got?

    As for wearing it around the chest, I personally felt it was restricting my breathing to have something tight around my diaphragm like that.
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    I've used a belly band in the past, with a snub nose revolver and even a Glock 30. I really don't like the BB, very uncomfortable and I much prefer a secure holster made for my specific firearm.

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    Perfect timing. I've been contemplating getting one. Here is the one I've been looking at:

    Don't know what brand/style everyone has used. I figure its a Galco, so it can't be too bad. I'll be attempting to use it with an XD45c, XD9sc and an LCP. If it doesn't work I can always sell it and try something else...
    XD45c, XD9sc, LCP

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    No way would I use one. Pick up a VM2 holster for comfort.
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