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Research on defensive carry and gun control.

This is a discussion on Research on defensive carry and gun control. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would consider comparing any claims I make with the FBI statistics for violent crime. These can be located on the Internet by state, and ...

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Thread: Research on defensive carry and gun control.

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    I would consider comparing any claims I make with the FBI statistics for violent crime. These can be located on the Internet by state, and also cities.

    If you do you will often find that some claims made by either side of the argument often do not hold water.

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    All research is driven by data and comparison of that aquired date to a prove or disprove a null hypothesis is the true test . The problem with this subject is that all data collected by both sides has been highly biased. There also has never been any research into a neutral control group. This control group would have to be an effective group with neither bias (Having guns and no guns) and observed carefully over a lengthy period of time. I am afraid that the word "research " is often used for data collection alone. As a teacher with several graduate degrees I can tell you that this is not a real zinger for a term paper or thesis. To be anywhere significant, your control group, plus group (with guns) and minus group (without guns ) would have to observed carefully over many years . It would have to allow for child development, adult and mature development stages to be very significant. Your looking at a dedicated, careful 50 year study! You are dealing with human behavior and weapons, and that takes a long observation period to allow for all variances.

    Anything else is just numbers and has no meaning (sad case of most so-called statistics.)

    Whether being armed affects crime rates (crime rate data is also very flawed by bias and poor collection systems) is pretty much an "article of faith" and will probably remain as such. I believe it does, but that is a belief not a solid fact. I believe it enough to CCW but I can't show significant "proof "to another .
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    paper i wrote about concealed carry for college, some good sources for you to look at

    please ignore the random bolded sections
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    Read Abigail Kohn's book, by all means! Check out this thread

    and check out the survey by Pew Research

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polymeriffic View Post
    Thank you all for your input. Will be running to the local library tomorrow to try to find the books by Lott and Kleck, they sound like exactly what I am looking for.

    Thank you KoriBustard for your welcome. I just moved here from CA, looking to apply for my LTC soon, crossing my fingers for class A unrestricted. From what I understand its a bit of a toss up as to whether Ill get it, but it cant be worse than the "No Issue" situation in Los Angeles county, atleast here I have a chance.
    Poly, you will need to attend a firearms safety class in Massachusetts. I'm not sure about what is near Fall River but American Firearms School in North Attleboro is top notch. You'll also need to get the approval of the Fall River Chief of Police, this may require a personal interview. Regrettably, Fall River is one of the more difficult (but not impossible) towns/cities in MA to get a class A (required for a CC) license. Typically they issue only class B (no large capacity and no CC), unless you are LEO (former LEO), Military (former military), or have a need beyond simply ALP. Good luck!

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