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Bike riding and carrying ideas.

This is a discussion on Bike riding and carrying ideas. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When I'm riding the bicycle, I use a fanny pack. The setup allows me to unzip & draw one-handed. My only concern is falling off ...

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Thread: Bike riding and carrying ideas.

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    When I'm riding the bicycle, I use a fanny pack. The setup allows me to unzip & draw one-handed. My only concern is falling off the bike and landing hard on the thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    I use a Maxpedition Jumbo Versapack when I'm out on my Specialized cycle. The concealed carry compartment with trigger guard and spare mag pouches can accomodate even my P226 and 2 spare magazines if I so choose.
    Specialized, good bike. I've always been a Trek guy but I could see myself on a Specialized someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwarren View Post
    I use a handle bar bag with zipper top that can be left open for easy access to gun or dog spray.
    Same here.
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    I appendix carry. No change to what i do day to day

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    An Uncle Mike's SIDEKICK fanny pack for me. It's designed for handgun carry. My LCP is perfect, small and lightweight.
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    I have a Tommy's gun pack that works very well. I do not care if people call me queer for wearing on, heck, I get called ALL kinds of names for just riding my bike, and they can not see the pack, so who cares..

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    Coronado Fanny Pack

    When I'm road biking, I use a Coronado Stealth pack (Coronado Leather, makers of handcrafted, concealment leatherwear for law enforcement and those interested in high quality leather jackets, handbags and carrycases for firearm concealment). It looks stupid, but I'm already wearing spandex shorts & a jersey that's a fashion offense.
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    I ride and run quite a bit during the warmer months of the year also. The single best holster set up I have found, for moderate/vigorous running, hiking without a giant pack, and biking more than a few miles is called Pistol Wear. website is check it out. It is comfortable, has a moisture barrier; firearm can be deployed with one hand easily. Check it out. It is best suited for compact or subcompact use. Once you see it, you'll most likely understand why a full size firearm wouldn't work. IMO- even a compact size is a bit large, but will work.
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    When I'm mountain biking, I use this belly band which encloses the whole firearm:
    Pistol Wear - Holsters for Concealed Handguns

    It stays in place, breathes, and my G27 hasn't fallen out even when I've tumbled.

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    The "pocket" guns I've tried (LCP, P3AT, BG 380) will fit great in a jersey pocket. I just drop my BG 380 in my center jersey pocket. Don't really care if it "prints", and it usually doesn't anyway. In my opinion, this is a great place to carry for cyclists (particularly road racers) who do a lot of miles and are accustomed to reaching in their jersey pockets for food, water bottles, etc. I'm probably more apt to reach back there on reflex than I am to reach for my IWB holster!
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    I go with my edc and regular IWB holster.

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    +1 for the Pistolwear. I tuck my PM9 in there and dont even notice it. My bike shorts dont have loops, so a belt isnt an option. I only ride off road, and rarely take the gun. If its a slow stroll with a friend i'll take it, but if i'm riding aggressively at all (90% of the time) it doesnt come with me. It's just too risky to fall on it. (your ribs, kidneys, spine and spleen will give up before the gun does)

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