Same crack-head twice in one week

Same crack-head twice in one week

This is a discussion on Same crack-head twice in one week within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to the grocery store last Monday where, immediately after parking, I was approached by Mr. Crack-Head with some bs story about how his wife ...

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Thread: Same crack-head twice in one week

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    Same crack-head twice in one week

    Went to the grocery store last Monday where, immediately after parking, I was approached by Mr. Crack-Head with some bs story about how his wife is in labor in Tucson and his buddy was suppose to pick him up at McD's, blah blah blah blah blah.

    "Sorry dude, got nothin' for ya." I walked inside, told the security guard at the door, clearly pointing out Mr. Crack-Head, and proceeded to grab a cart. A few minutes later I noticed that Mr. Crack-Head had come in to the store and was following me about. I gave Mr. Crack-Head the slip and walked back to the entrance to inform the guard, who wasn't there, so I decided it was best to just leave.


    While loading up my truck, Mr Crack-Head, who more than likely just finished smoking the last of Mr. Crack-Head's crack stash and apparently didn't remember me, approached me again! "Do you know how far Tucson is?"

    "You gave me this bit last time, pal. Step away from my truck"

    "I never seen you before... Blah blah, mumbled threat, blah blah, threat!"

    After watching Mr. Crack-Head approach a few other people I decided to go have a word with the security guard.

    "Uh, what do you want me to do about it?"

    "Good lord, where's your manager?"

    The manager basically said the same thing so I gave the two half-wits a quick lesson on AZ panhandling and trespassing laws. I made it very clear to them that I do not intend to put myself in to another "high risk situation" and that I would not be returning to their store if they did not take proper care of Mr. Crack-Head.

    They didn't seem too enthused so I explained to them that I would be filing a police report regarding the two incidents and if, God forbid, Mr. Crack-Head hurt one of their customers or, more likely, Mr. Crack-Head got himself "defended against" I would not hesitate to submit the reports to the local press. The two half-wits literally shrugged their shoulders at this so I stepped outside I called non-emergency right then and their.

    An officer showed up 20 minutes later. The two half-wits were standing right next to me when I handed the LEO my ID and CCW.

    "Are you carrying a gun?!!" says the security guard. Haha, I didn't even respond.

    "As is half your customer base I'd guess," says the LEO. "See how it's kinda important you call us next time this low life (Mr. Crack-Head) show's up?"

    The LEO handed the manager his card and a description of Mr. Crack-Head. The LEO and I "fist bumped"... and I was on my way.

    So that's my story. A crack-head and a couple of half-wits can really liven things for a guy, ya know?
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    well played sir. well played. I was scammed by local scum one day at Walgreens. Some pitiful story about having a flat tire etc etc. Really I guess I wanted to believe the guy. Gave him $10.

    About a year later the same guy approached me at a different store across town. Same exact story about his tire. Right down to every detail. I told the guy I had already fallen for it once and that he needed serious help. He sort of sunk his head down and walked away. It's sad how desperate people are.

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    About 10 years ago in the Las Vegas area I pulled my Harley into the parking lot of a 7-11. A man was sitting on the sidewalk outside the store asking for money to get something to eat. Unkept looking but didn't appear to be anything except but what he was. He was asking in a calm quite voice, not demanding, almost like he was ashamed to have to ask.

    I told him that if he was hungry I would take him across the street to Micky D's and get him somethig to eat. Then I asked him if he was really hungry or just trying to get some beer money. He looked me in the eyes, stated honestly and politely that he was really trying to get some beer money.

    It worked, I took him inside the 7-11 and purchased him a quart of beer. I also told him that I knew what he wanted/needed and if he had lied to me he would have been out of luck. The look on his face was priceless. The quart of beer was $.99.

    He took the beer in the brown paper bag, thanked me and quitely walked away.

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    The laws in my city recently changed to give us a lot more leeway in dealing with the "Local Celebrities".

    Many of them have left the city because it just isn't worth it anymore to panhandle. The LEOs don't take them in anymore, they just drop them off half-way across the river on the bridge and tell them to "Start walking".

    Nicely handled!
    That which does not kill us leaves us broken and bleeding...

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    i love how when i go to the gas station to fill up the impala for work, the same pregnant woman who has been pregnant a year and two months now, the same guy with no gas, and the same hungry guy ask me for money every week. now theres an occasion where i will actually help someone out,for example i had an older woman come up to me and say, i'm very hungry and have no money, would you be willing to go inside with me and help me with a cheeseburger or some fries or something like that? Now a request like that, how could i refuse. I took her inside told her to pick something off the menu that shed like and i would pay for it. she got something she actually wanted to eat instead of a $1 burger or a small order of fries, i did a good deed, and didn't have to worry about handing her money and her buying drugs, that i will do if i can spare the money. if not, i keep canned food in the back of my truck and in the back of my work vehicle, and if their hungry, ill give them something to eat, not money, so far out of 20 chef boyardees, i have given away 2 in a years time. i have been solicited many many more times than that
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    Yep, I agree, very well played Mr. Rushing. Good LEO response as well.


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    Ya did good.
    For God, Family and Country!

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    In California, two panhandlers from south of the border, usually met for coffee before going out to the local Walmart with their "Will work for food" signs every day. One day one of the two was driving a brand new vehicle and his friend asked him how he could afford it. The successful ner-do-well repiled--"You are using the wrong approach, my sign reads !!!!Just $10 more and I can go back to Mexico."

    I could not resist it!

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    How many of you remember seeing the guy they parked in front of the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, no arms, no legs, just sitting in his chair all day with a bucket in front of him and eyes closed? I personally saw more than once when someone else came up there to panhandle, the IP security run them off. Rumor was this guy made over $100K a year.

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    Yea I knew ya , Just thought I could get a 10 spot from ya J/K Good Job ; )
    A Native Floridian = RARE


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    Yup, you did very well
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    can ya spare me some cutter, me brothers?

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    Jeez I thought all you right-wing extremists would just whip out your concealed high capacity assault pistols and open fire on these types of people! Some of you actually seem like decent, sensible, caring people. Whoda thunk it!

    /sarcasm off/

    Good job OP and others relating their stories. The honest alcoholic story was touching, not saying I want that to happen to me but it was a good story.
    NRA Life Member

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryRushing View Post

    "Are you carrying a gun?!!" says the security guard. Haha, I didn't even respond.
    The only problem I see here is now the store manager is going to go buy himself some "gun buster" signs to put up. I mean "we can't have people walking around with guns, my word, what's this world coming to?"

    Do you have to inform in AZ? You might have been better off not informing in this case, since the idiot manager and security guard were there.

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    Good job, good for the LEO also. I am lucky, we do not get much of that since Covington, KY tightened the law as EvilMonk pointed out. Unfortunately, I travel to NY and San Francisco where they are very aggressive and concealed firearms are not allowed. Coincidence?
    I'd rather be lucky than good any day

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