Looking for some stastics

Looking for some stastics

This is a discussion on Looking for some stastics within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone have any suggestions on places I could get some basic non-biased (IE NOT The Brady campaign or the NRA) statistics on violent crime ...

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Thread: Looking for some stastics

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    Looking for some stastics

    Does anyone have any suggestions on places I could get some basic non-biased (IE NOT The Brady campaign or the NRA) statistics on violent crime rates for individual states?
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    The US Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics
    All police depts. manditorilly report data to their individual states who in turn report same data to the BJS.

    Further every state in the union has website.
    Go to the state police area of a given state site and there you will be able to find same, though some states are more difficult to discern the correct link than others.

    For your state being Indiana it is:
    Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

    Additionally for a given region (county and city/town) you may also contact the regional sherriff or county police as well as the localized city/town police for very specific details.
    I have do this toward purchasing of residential property and never have I contacted a given police dept. as over the past 15 yrs. modern who could not provide me with such data, typically in XLS format, for review either by their website or direct e-mail to a staff person.

    For my own uses I have found that this information can be found and taken to as granular level as one might need, even down to a given block or street and in my latest residential purchase case even down to a given house; As my own SOP I run backgrounds on all abutters to be sure I'm not investing my coin and moving my family next door to a pedophile, 'Walt Kowalski' or a neighbor who beats his wife & children resulting in multiple response calls per month to wake us at all times of the day and night.

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    In a similar thought process, I have often wondered what is the statistical likelihood that a civilian CCW holder will ever fire his weapon to defend himself? 1 in 10,000?

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    The National statistical likelyhood of DYING (according to the National Safety Council) as a result of a "firearms assault" is 1 in 306 (used to be 314, I think). The odds of dying as a result of "firearms discharge" is 1 in 6,309... here's the link:

    NSC Injury and death statistics chart

    I know this doesn't help Rollo but thought it might be something Gold40 was looking for.
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    FBI Uniform Crime Reports

    There is a section specifically relating to violent crime. Can be narrowed by state, region, city, etc. Also a section that outlines the weapon used.

    (link is to 2009 data; 2010 still being compiled)

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    Her is a similar link to prior post , but many give additional info/years.

    Was going to also cite the first one by jang.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation - Search
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