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This is a discussion on One In The Chamber Check List within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; According to my firearms instructor (who teaches LEO's) that one has to practice something 12 times in order to remember it in short-term memory... and ...

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Thread: One In The Chamber Check List

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    According to my firearms instructor (who teaches LEO's) that one has to practice something 12 times in order to remember it in short-term memory... and practice soemthing 3,000 times (if I remember the number) for long-term memory.

    Many departments use firearms with manual safety's, but they practice and practice.... and other departments don't practice and their officers only shoot once a year per the state qualification test (how scary)!!!

    Doesn't matter if one is a LEO or just a private citizen, it is all about practice and shooting skills... and not just at paper targets and in a low-stress envirnment... but any practice is better than none.

    I personally have and use 1 handgun... and my only comment is... "be careful of the guy with one gun, becuase he probably knows hows to use it... and use it well."

    My wife's gun is a sub-compact version of mine.. so no matter which firearm she or I grab from either nightstand, in the middle of the night or where ever we may be... they both operate the same (more for her safety due to her shooting less than me).

    Remember... practice makes perfect and knowing and understanding each and every firearm you own and use is key... and if you don't, never be afraid to ask for help from someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugerguy View Post
    You guys carry cocked and locked on an non-safety guns?
    The XDM is actually one of the SAFEST handguns a newbie could own!

    If you own an XDM you have two safties on your gun. (grip and trigger). If either one of these safties is not depressed simultaniously, your handgun will not fire.


    If you need a confidence boost, completely unload your weapon.

    This is how to "clear" an XDM: (DO THESE STEPS IN ORDER!)
    1. point the muzzle in a SAFE direction;
    2. remove the magazine:
    3. with the magazine removed, rack the slide several times;
    4. lock the slide in the open/back position;
    5. visually inspect the chamber to make certain it's empty;
    6. physically "touch" the chamber opening & slide ramp to "feel" that the chamber is empty;
    7. then visually look again.

    NOW you should have an empty gun. (HOWEVER, treat all guns as if they are loaded!)


    After your gun is "clear", remove ALL ammo from the magazine; or use an empty magazine. (Regargless, make sure ALL ammo is in another room!)-

    The slide on your XDM should still be in the open/locked back position. SO-
    1. visually and physically check the chamber again-
    2. visually inspect the empty magazine again-
    3. insert "EMPTY" magazine into magazine well-
    4. release slide.

    ALWAYS!!! Keep the gun pointed in a SAFE direction-

    5. Hold the handgun in such a way that you are NOT depressing the "grip" safety-
    6. then (while keeping the gun pointed in a SAFE direction), take the finger of your off hand and press the trigger.

    ("IF" everything is working properly the "striker" will NOT drop; so there will NOT be a click; AND the indicator should still show your gun is "cocked".)


    Here's something a little trickier-
    After, you have tried the above-
    (while still keeping your handgun pointed in a SAFE direction AND your trigger finger OUTSIDE the trigger guard ),

    ALWAYS!!! Keep the gun pointed in a SAFE direction-

    1. Grip the gun as if you were going to shoot (keeping your trigger finger OUTSIDE the trigger guard); Then-
    2. take the index finger of your "OFF" hand (being CERTAIN NOT to depress the trigger safety) and try to press the trigger.

    ("IF" all goes well, you should NOT here a "click", or "bang" and the "striker" indicator should still indicate the gun is cocked.)

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    Excellent guys thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If your carrying without one in the chamber you aren't armed. JMO. I can promise you that the average criminal can close a 21 foot gap with a knife, bat, chain, weapon, etc in a faster time than 99% of people could draw and rack and shoot a gun. It only takes 2 seconds for them to get you so you don't need any extra steps just keep the finger off the trigger until it's bang time.
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    Another consideration is that you may not always have two hands to rack the slide. You may be fighting off a attacker or have already had one hand wounded.

    Trying to rack the slide on your leg or something in a emergency situation probably won't work out very well unless you have practiced doing so extensively.

    Much better to have one in the chamber when needed.
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    One in the chamber, Check

    Now what?

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    You're making it more difficult than you need it to be...

    Load weapon
    Put it in holster
    Don't touch until needed
    Magazine <> clip - know the difference

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