Out of state scenario

Out of state scenario

This is a discussion on Out of state scenario within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like most folks who carry, I seem to be thinking of a lot of 'what-ifs.' We travel some in a motorhome. Our trips have taken ...

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Thread: Out of state scenario

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    Out of state scenario

    Like most folks who carry, I seem to be thinking of a lot of 'what-ifs.' We travel some in a motorhome. Our trips have taken us all over the U.S. We always stay in nice RV parks or CG's but do overnites while traveling in Walmarts. Never had a problem and avoid Walmarts in any areas we might consider troublesome. We stay with the other RV's that might be there and most of the Wally Worlds have some security. Nevertheless, we have two dogs and they do get taken out at night.

    So......what if some BG would target me when I am outside with one of the pups at night, pull a gun to rob me. I would try to retreat but I am not going to let him get in the motorhome with my wife if i can prevent it. Say I get lucky, my dog distracts him enough that I can shoot him before he shoots me. So now I am in some out of state city dealing with the local law enforcement. How do I locate a lawyer that can adequately advise/defend me? I suspect any lawyer I might contact in my home state won't be licensed to practice in state X so what would you do?

    Just one of the 'what ifs' that enters my mind.

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    First advice I could give is the make sure you know exactly what the laws of the state you're in are. Certain states may not allow you to stand your ground and may actually require that you retreat.

    Next I would make sure that you have very good SA and hopefully you would never get to the point where they "pull a gun to rob me". Around here the Walmarts are set up where the motor homes are at the edge of the parking lot near a grass blvd. with lots of visibility and quite a bit of distance between that and where the actual parking for cars starts.

    If all that fails and you do happen to get into a situation where you have no other choice but to use deadly force to protect yourself, then after all the dust settles, your wife will have her hands full finding you a competent lawyer if they take you into custody and require you to have legal representation. A call to your local lawyer may allow him to use his network of resources to help you find one where your at that is competent to represent you.

    You can't prepare for everything all the time, the best you can do is give yourself the most tools in the toolbox to choose from.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Your post specifically mentions an out-of-state situation. I would think of it more like the following. Someone threatens me with a weapon. It really doesn't matter what he says his goal is (my money, my car, etc.), the point is he is about to use lethal force. It doesn't matter what state I'm in, what the local law is, my goal at that instant is to survive. If I don't survive, all those considerations are meaningless. If I think I can run and avoid his attack, I will. Otherwise I will defend myself with potentially lethal force.

    Even if I do get enmeshed in the legal system, survival is my choice. No point in working through a bunch of what-ifs; after you survive you'll have time to figure out how to deal with what-is.

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    As farronwolf said, first thing is to KNOW the laws governing the use of deadly force in what ever state you are in. Second, as to finding a lawyer, you have two basic choices, either join one of the several gun friendly lawyer finder services that offer legal assistance IF you need it or second, yellow pages under criminal attorneys.

    One major suggestion is to have more options than just a firearm. Walking the dog with a can of good quality OC spray can save your bacon in many ways, not just a deadly force scenario. You could encounter other bad dogs or animals, persistent non lethal advances (think panhandlers and hostile drunks etc) etc.

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    Find out who the Police union/benevolent assoc/etc uses in officer involved shootings.
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    All good advice. Thanks.

    We do carry pepper spray and one of the reasons was mentioned...warding off aggressive dogs that might try and attack my dogs. For sure I would use that before resorting to lethal force unless, of course, I felt my only option for survival was my carry weapon.

    As noted, most Walmarts are well lighted and RV's generally park near adjacent busy streets. In 7 years of motorhome travels, we've only gotten a bad feeling once in a Walmart. Just didn't look/feel like a good place to stay so we moved on to another some miles down the road.

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    Carrying a can of pepper spary is a good idea and always a first choice if deadly force is not called for or your not sure (dogs, pan-handlers and the like).

    People travel all the time.. if your arrested (as you will be as it will be an active murder investigation until the charges are filed or dropped with the DA)... just remain silent and ask for an attorney due to being out of town (cut & dry).

    Your wife can call your lawyer back home or you can and he can look one up that he might know or can network to get you a name... but chances you are you will need a criminal defense lawyer in the town (large or small) that you are in... so remain silent (which is your right) and wait for a lawyer which they will get you... or pick one out of the phone book (which is better than no lawyer at all).
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    I think most States with CC permits have gun owner rights groups. There are a couple here in Mi, one is MCRGO. I would think an e-mail or call to such a group for information on lawyers would be a good idea. I know there are some here that specialize in self defense cases. In fact were and are involved in gun law legislation for our state. There should be some where in your RV to keep the list you compile.

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    I don't know what size dogs you have. We have small dogs (poodle **** zu and chihuahua) so we have them trained to a litter box so we don't have to take them for a walk.
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    1. Join the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network.

    2. Get NRA liability and self-defense insurance.

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    Good Start

    You have a good start to understanding how your permit(s) work. The first thing I have done when I moved up to Maine from Illinois is learn what permits I need to carry in states that my wife, daughter and I visit. As my wife is a psychiatrist, who deals with drug seeking and very violent patients I have met very little 'resistance to getting permits. MA and CT which are "May Issue" states I have obtained. CT wasn’t too bad, MA is selective who they give unrestricted permits to. SO if you travel to states that are restrictive know where you can carry! 2 web sites I use are:
    Concealed Carry, Reciprocity Maps, Concealed Weapons Permit
    These are frequently updated and you can print a color map where you can carry. As for legal facts, I will go to a lawyer first and foremost, otherwise updates are at:
    NRA-ILA ::
    There are also a bunch of good books out there that give simple to understand facts on carry in other states. Keep in mind, LAWS ARE ALWAYS CHANGING!!! Keep a eye on a states issuing authority! They are the best source of info if you don’t constantly talk to a lawyer. Many state police websites or phone numbers that you can find on the net are a wonderful source!! When folks have questions on Maine's carry I will send them the phone number to the State Police and they are Wonderful at answering questions without a bunch of BS. Hope this helps keep safe and educated!
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