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Your employer,your privacy and your CHL

This is a discussion on Your employer,your privacy and your CHL within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by farronwolf If you will research it a bit, I was refering to AR law where the OP resides. The "carrying a handgun ...

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Thread: Your employer,your privacy and your CHL

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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    If you will research it a bit, I was refering to AR law where the OP resides. The "carrying a handgun is prohibited" signs absolutely have authority if you live in AR. Each state has their own specific statutes that apply. Texas laws mean nothing to the OP.
    I was responding to the line that you started with "In Texas". I assumed you were referring to Texas law at that point.

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    Kansas... NO, no one other than an LEO can ask you. # 1--- all records are "private" and it's a crime to disclose to anyone they have a permit, #2, it's not required to inform an LEO unless they ask.

    BUT .... an employer can make it a "company policy" that people cannot have guns in their cars while on company property, and can search employees vehicles, and can fire you if you are found to have one. However, they cannot forbid anyone else from having a gun in their vehicle and cannot post parking lots.
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    My employer asked if I had my permit. I had no trouble answering truthfully, since I already knew all 3 owers arm permit holders. One of my bosses starts drooling everytime he see's my DW CBOB!
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    My new employer after 5 mergers, has all of us "Peeing in a Cup" for a drug test and going on line for a Background Check. I peed in the cup, and told the Outsourced Background check company that my last Full Background Check was by the Secret Service in 2006 the day before I participated in a Bush Motorcade for Coretta Scott King's funeral in Atlanta and if that is not enough lets go see the HR folks right now. I have not heard back from them to this day. I have a hunch that that was way over their head. BTW, unless your employer has a locked, fenced in and access controlled parking lot for you to park in (in Georgia and other states) they cannot ban anything in your car/truck/vehicle and they cannot search it. Just go tell them to pound sand with your iPhone in video record mode for HR and your lawyer. The Rent-A-Cop security guy has no authority over going to the bathroom for himself. He also cannot protect you in case gunfire happens in your building.
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    I heard about a company here that asks if you have a CWP; if you don't, they pay for you to get the training and get the permit - and they require you do it - they say it's cheaper than getting a full out background check.

    BTW your job is contingent on getting the permit.

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    If your showing it to a friend in the parking lot and you're caught, you're gonna get fired or suspended at the least.
    If your company has a no weapons policy and you get caught doing this ^^^^ then you are a fool. Fools deserve to get fired. A concealed weapon is a defensive tool and your ace in the hole. It is not something to be shown to a friend in the parking lot. If you want to show off your guns invite your friend to an appropriate venue range/club/match and have fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    They can ask you anything they want, you have the right to say whatever you want.
    There are many questions that an employer may NOT ask an employee. They are mostly focused around anti-discrimination laws. I dont think that concealed weapon permits are a topic that is covered under any laws, but an employer doesnt have to ask. All they have to do is make an employee policy about weapons on company property. (As someone else mentioned) No means no.

    Laws are changing in many states now tho, re: parking lots. OTOH, in any at-will employment state....well, you get the idea. They dont need a reason to fire someone, as long as it's not one of the illegal reasons (discrimination-based).

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    Michigan has a law that says that an employer can not fire you for having a CPL. It's a nice touch, but the truth is, they could always just "Find" some other reason to fire you. They can ban you from having a fire arm on the premises but I believe that does not apply to inside your personal vehicle in the parking lot.

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    My old job = No guns on there property at all they even claimed they would fire me over guns in the vehicle

    New job = I wear my gun every day and I only get paid once a month instead of bi-weekly "don't tell my wife" cuz every month I spend a paycheck at the gun shop! its hell sometimes.
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    Does your employer have the right to ask if you have a CHL?

    In a word, Yeah they can if they want. But, like it's been said, there's nothing stopping me from telling um exactly what I want them to know.. Which is very little when it comes to my personal life. I provide them a service and they pay me for said service, and that's about as far as I care to take it. The whole "We're one big happy family" thing is a load of bunk. I'm a manager at our company and have been for the last eleven years. I've heard how the owners and even some of my fellow managers talk about our employees. It's a joke! I never ask my employees anything personal and or private; IMO, it's none of my business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram View Post
    I heard about a company here that asks if you have a CWP; if you don't, they pay for you to get the training and get the permit - and they require you do it - they say it's cheaper than getting a full out background check.

    BTW your job is contingent on getting the permit.
    And once you have the permit they paid for, do they allow you to carry on premises?
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    One of the things I do like about Indiana is that I can keep a gun in my car in the company parking lot by law. that is if Indiana ever gets its butt in gear and gets my permit to me.
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    My employer allows firearms in your parked vehicle but not in the building. The state made carrying in the work place legal but my employer was exempted, so still no carry in the building.
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    as far as I know in WA state, unless your employer has a policy against it, people are free to carry at work. I personally carry to work and home everyday. Sometimes I end up wearing mine throughout the day if I have to go right into meetings wen I get in. A few people at work know I am armed, but only those that I frequently talk to about guns/self defense/etc and all are ok with it. Actually a few weeks ago a co-workers house alarm went off while he was at work. He knows I am armed always so he asked me if I would go with him to his house to wait for the cops. I wasn't about to go through his house and "clear" it though. No reason to do that with the cops on the way and no one in danger in the house. He just wanted me there in case someone came out of the house while he was waiting.
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    In Fl, the names of those with CWFLs are not for public dissemilation. The employer is the public in general.
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