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went to look at a glock today. had a bad experience

This is a discussion on went to look at a glock today. had a bad experience within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Old School I like to watch "Sons of Guns" and the way Stephanie deals with customers. These independently owned gun shops, bait ...

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Thread: went to look at a glock today. had a bad experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    I like to watch "Sons of Guns" and the way Stephanie deals with customers. These independently owned gun shops, bait shops and small golf shops could take a lesson from her in customer service. I have never understood why these small shops would not bend over backwards to be friendly, make a sale and get a repeat customer.

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    Yeah I noticed that too, but it applies to just about everything, not just gun stores. I used to be a regular at a local chain BBQ shop. One of the waitresses was always bending over backwards to make sure everything was right. She always got my business and got tipped quite well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    My experience with small mom n pop gun stores has always been the same. I had generally attributed it to my being black and the vast number of the stores being ran by rednecks in cowboy hats flying a confederate flag. After speaking with several of my white friends however I found that they had the same experience. It seems like most of these places treat you like crap until you achieve "Regular" status.
    Your right on with this Rollo. Most shops just don't care until they know you and I've lived in states from Maine to Florida and west to Colorado.
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    thats why i take all my business to one gun store, before i begin buying from a gun shop i go in a few times over the course of a year and do the penniless buyer act. I look at everything, take time from a sales person to discuss features and then i set down what I am looking at or hand it back over and leave. If I get the same quality of service time and time again, i begin spending money there. When I first started perousing gun shops i was 17, obviously i could not handle anything but i explained i was going to get my permit and carry and they would show me guns. The first store I went to gave me alot of attention and noticed I had never handled a semi--auto before and was uncomfortable with them. They showed me how to manipulate the weapons to get them to perform how I wanted them too and really took alot of time working with me to make sure I knew what I wanted. When my birthday came along, I dragged Mom along until she got me my first carry gun, and ever since all of my long guns and handguns, as well as my mom's have come from that shop. They even reccomended a holstermaker to me and I do a few hundred dollers worth of business with my holstermaker a year. Its all about the customer service to me and my mom, especially when spending a few thousand dollars a year on quality product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitch View Post
    You are looking at the a great carry gun in the Glock 26. My EDC is a Glock 26 with a +0 Pierce magazine floor plate to give my pinkie finger some purchase.

    Different guns work for different people. My experience with the
    G26 has been good from the first shot. I also have a G19 that I like a lot. Until I shot the two head to head in an IDPA classification match, I'd have said I'd shoot better with the 19, but I didn't.

    For me, the G26 is as close to perfect for fast double taps as any pistol I've ever fired. Aside from the Pierce grip extension, the pistol is factory stock. The combination of trigger pull, grip, the dynamics of my body/grip/ammo just "works".

    1/4 second splits with the holes seldom more than 2" apart, .6 second split to the head shot in a Mozambique (the first three targets of the IDPA classification match, stage 1). Shooting a classification match my times on the first three targets of stage 1 are just under 2 seconds, zero points off - slower than most, but I'm new at this. Shooting the same targets (G26) in practice from EDC concealment with my EDC holster my times run 2.3 to 2.5 seconds, zero points off. These are aimed shots, using sights, not point shooting. I routinely practice using my EDC holster (SuperTuck at 4:30) which isn't allowed in competition by my club.

    Twice now I've shot enough better in the first two stages with the 26 to outscore my performance with the 19. I do shoot the 19 better every time in the 3rd stage where the range is longer.

    Bottom line, try before buy. Handled right, the G26 is a tremendously capable EDC.

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    I don't know what part of Maryland you are in, but if you'd like to, PM me and I might be able to help you find a nicer place to do your shopping.
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    This is [U]exactly[U]why I love our capitalistic country. If you provide a good or a service, and you don't do it well, you soon will not be in business any longer. Doesn't matter if it is waiting tables, fixing cars or selling guns. I happen to have the greatest LGS in the world close to my home. The guys there were extremely helpful when I was a n00b, and they still get my business today. I hope they are successful forever! I also agree with Rollo; if I even suspect that a store I use was discriminating against ANYONE, I take my business elsewhere. We have come too far as a nation to go back there! I am not a hyphenated-American, I am an American.
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    This may have been said, I didn't read every response. Dicks doesn't sell handguns. Only Rifles. Handgun ammo is a yes though.

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    Time to move onto the next cuz thats not right!
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    Glad to hear that you left. We all work way too hard for our $, and we should not be spending our $ in establishments that are not appreciative of the customer/consumer.
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    We are lucky enough to have 4 local gun shops, of which 3 are excellent in respect to customer service etc.. The other is just as you describe, "indifferent, to the point of rudeness" !! I have not been back there in several years, & they still seem to survive. I don't know how those establishments stay in business !! Before I'd spend a dime there, if we had no other shops, I'd drive 70+ miles to the shop I really like, in Clearfield Pa..
    They very often have "no idea" where they are going !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by williebeaman View Post
    Ive always tried to keep my business local and support smaller stores rather than go to the walmart or bass pros when it come to outdoor gear or firearms. BUT today i just moved up to maryland and im looking for my first handgun because i just turned 21, well i found a real nice looking bait and tackle mom and pop type store so i went there first. I always seem to get a weird vibe in tplaces like this though. sure enough today was no different. the staff were rude they wouldnt even recognize i was there! i finally had to say hey i need some help even though the guy was right in front of me talking to another employee. when i asked to look at the glock he checked my ID no big deal but then he just turned back around to talk no help or anything! i quickly thanked him and left! i would even be willing to spend more on a gun to help small shops out but screw that, just because i dont have my shirt tucked in and wear cowboy boots doesnt make me a punk or thug!!! im just going to have to find a better place to shop. they are building a DICKS right next door to this shop i hope they go out of business with the rudeness and disrespect they had for me today. /rant (also sorry for the gramatical errors im just a little heated)
    I'd have told the owner that he should merge with the new store next door since it seemed to have their name right outside in big letters! I live in TN and as others have stated, it's just the opposite here. Someone said that the little guy doesn't have time to show every gun in the shop and yap all day, but I disagree. There's a Saddle Shop here that, unless you knew it, you'd not even THINK they sold guns there. But it's owned by a Deputy Sheriff and he's the friendliest, most polite owner I've ever encountered. he spent over an hour with me years ago when I first got out of the military talking about my experiences, what I carried, what I was looking for, and just about everything else. There were even people who came in and he never made me feel rushed nor did he turn his head away from me til I was through with what I was saying. He asked me if I could wait while he helped them, and from that day he's gotten all my business. He doesn't have the overhead, insurance of the "big boys" and he's made many a repeat customer with his kindness and prices. He undercuts EVERY gun dealer around, and he goes out of his way to make sure you're satisfied. I go to the bigger shops at times just to look, but when I am ready to buy, he knows I'm coming.

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    I'm afraid the poor customer service and unfriendly attitude thing is rampant in gun shops everywhere. I've seen it in Maine, Mass, and Florida. I've shopped in hundreds of gun shops in those 3 states. Most of them were terrible and I never bought from them or even went back. I used to travel 1 and 1/2 hours in Mass to purchase from one shop that I favored. My favorite shop in Mass was 45 minutes from my house. I bought a lot of guns there. Both of those took me years to find, but were worth looking for!

    Since I moved to Florida I've been in at least a dozen shops both near and far from my home. I've hit a couple that are pretty good, but most were awful. I recently found one that isn't much to look at and hasn't got much for inventory but the people are awesome! Real friendly! I really put them to the test by buying a gun from Budsgunshop.com and had it shipped to them. They did the transfer and thanked me for the business. It surprised me because most shops complain about only doing the transfer and not the sale. I will be doing more business with them for sure.

    On the subject of looking at a Glock 26, excellent choice! I have one and it's probably my favorite gun. I carry it most of the time. Very accurate and reliable. I am regularly amazed at how well I shoot it. Like every time I go to the range!
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    Vote with your feet. Competition usually resolves these issues in the end.

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    In my younger years, I worked as an electronic tech for TV and later, 2 way radio. If you were rude, "nasty", or lied to a customer, you were fired.
    I deal with a certain gun shop here in the Orlando area, where they actuall are helpful. However, a business with an atitude is not limited to gun stores.
    I am at the age where I need a hearing device. I called around and narrowed it to 3 places. AT one place, they made an appointment for 8 AM.
    I arrived 10 minutes early, and at 8:15, no one showed up, and I left. Mind you the lights were out inside, and NOBODY home.
    I came back and hour later adn said "I am your 8 AM appointment and there was noone here" The lady (and thats using the terminology loosely, said "I was here at 8 am." I said I was parked in front of the door and there were no lights on, and I could see your desk which was empty"
    Then she said I would have to reschedule. I said don't bother, I will not do business with someone who told me I lied." and walked out.
    I went to Walmart amd was treated much better.

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    I've found a local mom'n'pop, Adventure Sports, that is great. Like most mom'n'pops they are a little overpriced, but they have friendly, knowledgeable staff and have a gunsmith service on-site (not same-day usually, but that's normal.) Typically when I'm thinking about a purchase I'll go to Sam's Gun Range where I have a membership and see if they have one for rental. If not, I'll try Wade's or West Coast Armory and see what they have. I don't generally buy something I haven't shot first. Once I know what I want to get and have shot a few of them, I will go by Adventure Sports and check out their prices.

    Glocks are great guns, but trying things out is what led me to buy something other than a Glock the first time around (Springfield XD-9.) I now have an XD-45 as well and haven't looked back. For me it was all about how it felt to shoot and I felt more comfortable and effective with the XD. Like anything else, it's really all about learning to do something correctly and finding the tool that works for you. I've since gotten a lot better with a handgun and still feel I have a lot of room to improve before the XD "holds me back" compared to something else.

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