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Now here in Montana, if you are using a clipdraw on your firearm would cover it under concealed if worn IWB.

45-8-315. Definition.
"that is wholly or partially covered by the clothing or wearing apparel of the person carrying or bearing the weapon"
See this scares me. If I do not have a concealed permit, and am open carrying if my arm hangs down at my side and "partially covers" the gun then it's concealed and I am illegal. And what about holsters? Are they considered "apparel" in Montana?

Luckily in Michigan concealed means not visible to the casual observer. Plus open carry is allowed in Michigan so if a gust of wind blows my shirt up it's no big deal.

As far as printing, thanks to the fact that everyone over 8 years old has a cell phone now, no one notices a "bulge" on your beltline.
MT is pretty scarce in case law which helps DA's actually interpret what the "law" means. But, having said that, here in MT, as posted by JB--"wholy or partially covered in clothing" COULD mean an IWB holster.

I personally emailed the state AG's office and asked that if I tucked my concealing vest behind my IWB holstered weapon, (thus exposing the grip and portion above the IWB holster) would I be in violation of the law (since we cannot CONCEALED carry in resturants that serve alcohol-but can open carry there--[go figure])?? The response I got was rather puzzling--the response was that I would be legal IF the resturant allowed me to open carry.

So, even the state AG's office is not real clear on this issue. Hopefully our senate will pass the current Bill which will allow us to CC in those resturants.