Phantom gun feeling on my hip.

Phantom gun feeling on my hip.

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Thread: Phantom gun feeling on my hip.

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    Phantom gun feeling on my hip.

    Jury duty + No CC = :(

    Today I had to report for my civic obligation of jury duty at the district court house. Of course I had to strip my body of all specialized tools of self defense before hand. Last time I felt so naked was years ago for my daughters graduation, at least then I had a knife. Sitting there in the jury pool playing the wait game. I keep having this weird feeling that my pistol is still on my right hip. Half dozen times or so I reach to three O'clock to make sure it wasn't with me, even after passing through security. Very freaky, phantom concealed carry syndrome. Any one else experience this before?
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    Yes. I have to check myself several times before entering my workplace to make sure I disarmed. You would think it would be a little more comfortable without the 1911, but I just feel naked.

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    I get that phantom feeling as well. I get it from my BlackBerry as it goes off so much for work that sometimes I will swear I can feel it vibrate even though it is not on my belt. I wondered if I would get that when I started carrying and sure enough, it's there, didn't take long at all.

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    Yes, it is very unnerving to reach down and it's not there!
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    i got the same thing going on right now, not having a weapon on my hip when i go outside, when i walk around my sisters place, still feels like its there
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    Not quite as bad as being in a rush upon leaving the house, put on the IWB holster, depart, get to destination and realize you forgot to install EDC into holster.

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    Phanton gun, feeling naked - oh yeah, for the last three of the last 4 weeks. Staying with my daughter and her husband in NY to help care for him. Administering IV antibiotics and taking him to Dr. and therapy appointments. (He had Lemierr's syndrome - almost died from it 4 weeks ago today - recovering nicely now.) But I digress, live in PA, PA CHL, can't carry in NY. So here I am in the second highest crime county in NYS running around with out my G26. Daughter has her permit but she's at work. I have her shotgun available when we are at home, which helps a little, but when out and about I really miss my Glock.

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