Another rant from a rural perspective.

Another rant from a rural perspective.

This is a discussion on Another rant from a rural perspective. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I live in the biggest city in Idaho which is really small compared to "big" cities. Sure we have crime but not like "big" ...

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Thread: Another rant from a rural perspective.

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    Another rant from a rural perspective.

    Well I live in the biggest city in Idaho which is really small compared to "big" cities. Sure we have crime but not like "big" cites. At minimum the volume of crime is less, so comparatively I feel safer. EXCEPT, I think we sometimes forget the rural threat that may exist because of small population. Here is my point, I love being out on the desert, camping in the mountains, exploring mountain logging roads and finding places where other people don't go. I don't drink, do drugs, hang out with bad folks, or even stick around when things get loud. I would consider myself in the safest enviournment a normal human could be in. But, what if during my "adventures" in the wild, I come accros by accident, a drug lab, pot farm, drug deal in progress, sex crime in progress or even if I am percieved as a target by younger, stronger group of bad guys, now all this safe lifestyle and perhaps false sense of security goes out the window. Why do I carry in safe rural Idaho? Because Murphy's law is alive and well. Sometimes, no matter what, bad things are thrust upon the inocent, the aware, the safe, the good guy, the minding my own business kind of person. Everytime I am tempted to NOT carry that chunk of iron on my hip, I have this little self talk.
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    You never when you might stumble on something like this. Marijuana Farms Take Root In National Parks : NPR Many places we thought were pristine and safe are no longer so.
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    Complacency is the enemy of safety. Good point.
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    I enjoy deep woods hiking to get away from things, I go to a very large state forest just south of Duluth that has some very remote locations. I consider myself as being far from the pollutions, crime, crap, and crud of the city; I'm in the world God made and I get to see what the world was like before man screwed it up. What a wake up call when you accidently walk into a pot farm, which I have done.

    These days I wish I could deep-woods hike with my AR. But, I don't want to look like I'm out poaching, and I don't want people to think that I'm a nut job out "looking for Charley" with some Rambo fantasy. I'm just a soft, middle age software developer and I'm not looking for trouble. But what will I do if I stumble on a pot farm, and the drug dealers are present, and the drug dealers have to make a quick difficult choice about the secrecy of their enterprise? I won't walk with my AR for reasons that I've cited, but I always have my carry piece - only if I have a carry piece and they have a rifle I don't think pistol VS rifle comes out in favor of the pistol especially out doors in a woods setting. I'd rather that I have the rifle and they have the pistol but that won't be the case.

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    There is not one victim that planned on being so!
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    Rural DOES NOT equal "safe".

    Another "spidey-sense" story: kinda long
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    100% agree. For all those who feel safe in their local area, home, workplace, and therefore, don't "need" to carry, I hope you never prove yourself wrong, and guys like me just remain in the "paranoid" category in your mind. Regret is a monkey that never gets off your back, and I hope you never have that burden to bear. As for me, I always carry.
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    I admittedly get complacent as well. I live in a county about 1,600 square miles in size, but with only ~35,000 people. There are only 2 stoplights in the entire county. Violent crime is very, very rare.

    It's nice to get a little reminder (such as this thread) every once in a while that bad things happen to good people... even in "safe" places.

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    That's why I carry every day everywhere I can unless prohibited by law.

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    brought to you by the Wisconsin Deer hunt,2004,

    Five Hunters Killed in Wisconsin Dispute - U.S. & World -

    BIRCHWOOD, Wis. — A deer hunter shot and killed five people and injured three others in northwestern Wisconsin following a dispute about a tree stand during the hunt's opening weekend, authorities said.

    The 36-year-old alleged gunman, who lives in the Minneapolis area, was arrested Sunday afternoon, Sawyer County (search) sheriff's officials said. Jake Hodgkinson, a deputy at the county jail, identified the suspect as Chai Vang but would give no additional details.

    The incident began when two hunters were returning to their rural cabin on private land in Sawyer County when they saw the suspect in one of their hunting platforms in a tree, County Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle said. A confrontation and shooting followed.

    To this day, this story has me looking over my shoulder a lot more.
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    Be prepared.

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    I spent about 2 weeks driving up in the coeur d'alene area of Idaho about 6 years ago,lots of areas that are pretty remote,I wouldn't do it again without being armed,too many bad things can happen
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
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    We had a neighbor who stumbled across some fellows playing militia on his (the neighbor's) land recently. Armed trespassers....awesome.
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    First off, I very definitely appreciate Timezones's comments about being out in the middle of nowhere and being prepared. I also appreciate KT's comments about understanding those who think he may be a bit paranoid with essentially a 24/7 CC regimen. Having said that, particularly for those who are not out in the middle of nowhere and, perhaps, live in a community that has a semblance of law and order, I do agree with KT's possible paranoid assessment. For those of you who truly believe that you need your 24/7 CC, I, very honestly, feel sorry for you---I understand and appreciate your concerns and vigilance but I do feel sorry for you for having to live somewhere where you find the "what ifs" to be prevalent enough to warrant such CC. I CC usually in my car (breakdown on a highway seems to be a sitting duck "what if") and when I am out at night and maybe passing thru an area or parking in an area that I deem a bit darker than most and maybe a bit more yada yada. Daylight around town--nope. I am 69 and lived most of the time in NYC/NJ and NEVER, EVER had a need to even think about CC or firearms or self defense. Situational awareness is my guiding thought process. Just sayin and again want to emphasize that I have no disagreement on all previous replies and respect these members' needs and responsibilities, whereever they live.

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    We've been living where I am now (rural) since 1986. Since we moved in I've added a monitored alarm system with extra emphasis on fire detection. I also installed a four camera monitoring system. There are a few other ideas I'd like to do but it doesn't seem like I have the time to devote in doing it. I intend to install a door video intercom this year. When we first moved here we'd never heard of a "home invasion", of course now we have and I'd like to beef up my situation a little better. Right now guns are essentially my first solution.

    We like living out here, quiet, peaceful, mostly absent of crime. I do pocket carry a LCP everyday, some days I work all day and hardly see another person, but I try never to get complacent. We haven't been without crime happening nearby, here are two examples that have happened in the past 25 years, one is on-going right now. Be prepared you never know................

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