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This is a discussion on Practice Practice Practice within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; An old friend, deceased, and my initial trainer, observed LEO's somethings came into prepare to qualify and their guns were rusted shut. Gaius. Good choice. ...

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Thread: Practice Practice Practice

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    An old friend, deceased, and my initial trainer, observed LEO's somethings came into prepare to qualify and their guns were rusted shut.

    Gaius. Good choice. Why?
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    Have to remember that police are often the targets of attacks which has a BIG impact on their performance. You wear the uniform, and everyone knows you're armed, so you're instantly a target. Criminals have the luxury of deciding when and who they want to go after, the police have to wait until things are already bad. CCW holders are somewhat in between, but are not obvious targets...and as others have pointed out, are probably more likely to have CHOSEN the option of carrying rather than having it issued to them.

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    Gaius: The “Peripatetic Professor”

    Gaius was born, probably in Rome, somewhere circa 110 A.D. It is likely that he studied law in the Sabinian school under Aburnius Valero, and possibly Tuscianus.12 From 130 until his death, Gaius taught Roman law students the law. Teaching first at a Sabinian school in Rome, Gaius, the “peripatetic professor” with republican leanings, appears to have left the capital when the emperor Hadrian began his efforts to control the legal profession.13 He traveled and temporarily settled in the provincial towns of Dyrrachium, then Troas, finally settling in Beirut, perhaps associating himself with what was to become the famous law school of Beirut.14 He appears to have been familiar with Socratic “irony,” that feigned ignorance coupled with pointed questions calculated to educe truth from the student. Indeed, he may have been the first to use the “Socratic method” in teaching law,15 beating Harvard’s Professor Langdell, who introduced the Socratic Method in the 1870s in Harvard from whence it spread around the United States by more than a millennium and a half.
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    It is about practice and concentration / focus. You need to be able to focus on what you are doing sort of a tunnel vision, not that you do not pay attention to your surroundings, but keeping distractions out. Recently i shot at a USPSA match when my head was really not there and my scores were terrible. Readiness is all.
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    Thats why we train the way are bodies will react under critical stress.
    This is the key point. If you look back at the history of police shooting incidents, you really see how lax training led to many of the fatalities involved. I read an article a few years back where researchers had noticed that a large number of officers killed in the line of duty had empty shell casings in their hands (while carrying a revolver). This was attributed to the fact that while training they emptied casings into their hand instead of letting them drop to the ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post

    Another factor is how you train. Most people (including police) just shoot for good groups from a normal stance.
    People always say "Practice makes perfect." Wrong. Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect. It's all in the training.

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