Do CCW Permit Holders and Gun Owners have a Right to Privacy??

Do CCW Permit Holders and Gun Owners have a Right to Privacy??

This is a discussion on Do CCW Permit Holders and Gun Owners have a Right to Privacy?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Should the names of citizens with permits to carry handguns concealed be kept private? Or should their names be made public by the state government? ...

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Thread: Do CCW Permit Holders and Gun Owners have a Right to Privacy??

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    Do CCW Permit Holders and Gun Owners have a Right to Privacy??

    Should the names of citizens with permits to carry handguns concealed be kept private? Or should their names be made public by the state government? This issue is being argued in some states currently. Should the fact that you have a license to carry be public knowledge, simply because of the public's so-called "right to know"? Or does an individual's right to privacy instead trump that??

    Reporter John Stossel argues in this editorial that gun owners do have a right to privacy:

    John Stossel: Gun owners have a right to privacy - Friday, Apr. 8, 2011

    Amazingly, it is even worse in the state of Illinois. In Illinois, the liberal state attorney general, Lisa Madigan, wants to release the names of ALL GUN OWNERS IN THE ENTIRE STATE to the press!!

    Is that not insane? How could any government official be so dumb? Fortunately, the NRA is fighting her in court over her plans. Here is a recent report:

    Of course, I realize that Illinois is sort of an extreme case, due to all of the documented cases of corruption there by public officials. But these same sort of arguments are being made currently in many other states.

    What is the best response to make against these allegations that the public has a right to know who owns or carries a gun?

    We had this debate here in Oregon in recent years, and our state legislature was fortunately wise enough to pass legislation keeping information about Oregon's Concealed Handgun License holders private. Is your state doing the same?


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    Of course we have a right to privacy. Why should my name or my wife's name be release for print in a newspaper just because we are doing something completely within the law. We aren't criminals. In fact, we are as far from criminal as one can be, and the very fact that we were issued a permit proves this fact.

    It's asinine. And our home state of Tennessee, in Shelby County, a few years ago, the Memphis paper, the Commercial Appeal (or as everyone calls it the Communist Appeal) printed the names and addresses of all the permit holders in Shelby County! All that is except for the employees of the paper that were on the list and the politicians that we on the list. They even made a database on line that could be searched of every permit holder in the state except angain, their employees and politicians. There was a huge outcry and they changed it so the addresses were not viewable.

    Liberals always think it is OK to harass someone who is doing something that they don't agree with, but is completely within the law by publishing their names and info. It's stupid.
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    yes, we absolutely have a right to privacy. It is incredibly irresponsible to print our names and addresses. Might as well give criminals a shopping cart and directions of where to go find guns.

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    Do I have the right to know when someone buys a new car? How about a chainsaw? Lawnmower? New boat? ATV? Computer? Kitchen knife? Fertilizer (they may be making bombs), over the counter medication that causes drowsiness, alcohol, tobacco product...

    Its all one in the same. You wanna know who's finances SHOULD be on public record, and printed? The government. Right down to the county level. Us voters and tax payers have the right to know where our money is being spent, as it is spent.
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    In FL, names of CWFL holders are not made public--protected by state statute.
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    In Delaware you have to advertise in a local newspaper that you are applying for a CCDW license, it must run for 5 days. You then have to have 5 people other than family sign for you, get fingerprinted and a background check, take a class and pass, class includes range time, get two passport photos, fill out the permit request and put a check with it for about $60. Then your paperwork goes to Superior Court and if they deem you worthy, you get your permit. They sort of blow your privacy right out the window with the newspaper requirement.
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    This is one of those things that makes you go,"THIS IS AN ISSUE!?!?!?"
    How exactly do they plan on figuring out which criminals are carrying stolen guns??? Surely they are going to publish this as well.
    As RammerJammer mentioned this would equate to making shopping lists for burglars. Also, this would be DANGEROUS for permit holders because if robbers have an idea of who owns gun they are going to change tactics and make sure you're not capable of defending yourself.
    And amen to Lotus222 statement. The government should be more transparent, not the citizens!

    Yeesh Hiram25, I'm surprised they don't make you field strip and reassemble your pistol upside down and blindfolded like 'Major Payne'. I had no idea there was anywhere in the states that made you take out an ad in the newspaper!
    Are child predators this publicized in Delaware?!

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    It is NOW a law in FL. However, when I got my first CWP in Fl (1987), I received the permit in the mail, and a week later received an ad for a CWP "badge", badge case, belt display thingie, etc.
    The state was selling names to merchants.
    Now, whenever my registrations for my vehicles and boat become due, I receive tons of solicitations for insurance, and extended warranties.
    The state still sells those......

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    In WV the names of CCW holders are a matter of public record. I read somewhere that a newspaper in Charleston publishes them every once in a while, but I live three hours from there so have never seen it firsthand. It bothers me a little that someone could find me on that list. I hate lists.

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    You don't need to know
    That info is private in Florida
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    That info is private in Florida
    See post #5...
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    Perhaps the govt (state and fed) should publish the names of individuals who receive welfare, food stamps, SSI payment for themselves or children and the recipients should tell us how they spend the money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    In FL, names of CWFL holders are not made public--protected by state statute.
    It is the same in NM.

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    In Missouri, by state statute, the names are private.
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    Our information as CHL, CCW should be confidential and protected. Criminals are still going to get the weapons they want regardless if information is published or not. Lord help us and keep us safe.

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