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This is a discussion on Rotating Mags within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a g22 issued to me for duty that I have used since around 2001 or 2. I always leave one out of my ...

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Thread: Rotating Mags

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    I have a g22 issued to me for duty that I have used since around 2001 or 2. I always leave one out of my spare mags, and charge the pistol with a full mag. I dont know if it really makes a difference, but the mags stay loaded 24/7 and have not given me any issues. I could probably load them full, but not fully depressing the mag makes me feel better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    No, but I have carry mags and range mags and they are not mixed.
    +1 on that. Mags don't get into the carry rotation til they are proven. Then they are the carry mags. Range mags stay in the range bag.
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    I keep my magazines loaded to capacity. If inserted in my gun I will drop the magazine and top it off. Never have had any problems with this.
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    I have a few mags for carrying Im not too worried about the springs wearing out as replacement springs are easy to install and arent too expensive

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    I keep all my mags loaded to full capacity, even guns that I don't carry.

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    I believe no oiling is necessary
    When I say oiling the mag, I use one of the bore cloths with a little bit of oil on it to apply a very thin coat of oil onto the spring- I live in SC and there is A LOT of humidity. I've seen what it does to bare metal after time, so I just lightly oil to try and block as much of the moisture as possible. I know it doesn't make a huge difference, but, I'm a little OCD when it comes to my guns.
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    I load mags to capacity, both rifle and pistol. They are designed to function properly within those parameters, and my experience has shown me that those parameters are correct. Now, anyone could end up with a mag that's got improperly heat treated springs, but that's not going to be a failure related to loading them to capacity.

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    load to capacity, don't swap mags around, you hurt the spring by not fully compressing it and leaving it in limbo, it will have bad and unbalenced chi if you do this. Really people, load the magazine to the point it was designed to hold, keep em loaded, you won't have any problems
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    No rotating mags will weaken the spring by the spring compressing and decompressing. If the spring is at rest in either position don't worry about and load them up till they're full. The springs are built to a certain spec and that includes being full. I have range mags and carry mags. I will take the carry mags apart a few times a year to clean out the inside of any lint or dirt that got in there and depending on hoe much I shoot will determine how often the range mags are taken apart.

    And always top off the mag you used to put a round in the chamber or use a range mag to put a round in the chamber. As we were told at work, a full gun is a happy gun. Make it happy.

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    I load to capacity. I have 2 m15 round magazines made by Mecgar that I bought in 1990. They have both been loaded to full capacity and left this way, sometimes for over a year as this gun doesn't get shot much anymore, with no problems at all. The springs have not taken a set, they are not fatigued, the mags feed perfectly when i do get to take this gun to the range and the springs are not weak. That's all the proof I need.
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