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I was reading some of my old infractions today and that led me to read many of my older posts. Posts that dated back to when I first came to DC. Do you know what I learned?

I learned that, before I knew about this website, I was an idiot. I had been carrying a gun for years but I was not well versed in SD law. If I had ever had to use my CCW I would probably have gone to prison for some stupid mistakes.

First, I probably would have kept shooting the BG until I knew the BG was dead. Now I know to "stop the threat".

Second, I would have talked to the police thinking it was cool to do so (because , hey I'm a good guy. Right?).

Third, I would not have reflected on how serious a SD shooting really is and the years of legal/financial stress that my family and I would incur. At that time I had a much more aggressive attitude. Aggressive attitudes and SD don't really mix too well.

Lastly, I would have had no qualms about shooting someone while still trying to break into my house. I know now to call 911 and let my walls and doors do the job they were intended to do. Keep bad people out that is. Now I know it's only AFTER breaching a door or window that I would be legally justified in taking a life in my state.

So to the folks here at DC I say thanks for giving me some great feedback, a healthy dose of practical knowledge and wisdom.
I think we can all say the same thing to varying degrees.