ep1953, that is definitely good advice, and I agree with you that she should carry on her person. If she does decide to go with the g19, I have a drawer full of holsters for her to try out. If she opts for something else, though we may have to go through some expensive trial and error. I have wanted to pick up a smart carry for a long time, so I guess this would be a good excuse to do so.

TheGiant, while it would be nice for her to be able to carry before I get home, I don't think that's going to be an option for us. We will be moving to NV soon after I return and in order to apply for a NV CCW you have to take a course and apply in person at a county sheriff's office. She could take a course in NM and apply for a FL non-resident permit, but it would be useless to her as soon as we move. Not to mention the turn-around time is usually a few months. I will be able to carry in NV on my NM permit for a little while after we PCS (going to have to call NM DPS for clarification on that one), but getting the course taken care of and getting the NV CCW will definitely be a top priority. As for my wife, she said she wants to spend some time at the range with me going over things and getting some experience under her belt before she goes into a class with a bunch of strangers. I guess Google will be our friend in looking for a Clark County instructor if we don't hear of one here on DC.

mwhartman, thank you for YOUR service! I wish you and your wife the best of luck. There are definitely a lot of great options out there now for CCWs and everyone certainly has their own (strong) opinions on the matter. Personally, I think 1911s are the most beautiful things ever, but I would only trust my life to a Glock!