Guns with kids in the house

Guns with kids in the house

This is a discussion on Guns with kids in the house within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have talk to a few people and they say when they had kids they put the guns up. I dont have any yet but ...

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Thread: Guns with kids in the house

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    Guns with kids in the house

    I have talk to a few people and they say when they had kids they put the guns up. I dont have any yet but i wont carry or not have my guns in the house because i have kids. I would just put them in the safe so they could not get to them but i could if someone bnroke into my house. I was wondering how people with kids feel about having guns in the house with kids.

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    It is much easier to gun proof kids than it is to kid proof guns. I raised three kids and a grand son, none of them ever bothered my house gun or the 1911 on my dresser. Teaching kids to respect guns is easier than the general population would have you believe.

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    First and foremost - educate the kids from earliest days. That's for sure. Once they are deemed old enough too - get them familair with actual shooting and show them the results of bullets on easy demo stuff like fruit, squash etc.

    Keep guns secure of course from casual accessibility but never relinquish your carry piece IMO - that is on your person under your exclusive control - kids or no kids - it is out of harms way but available.
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    I agree with Chris 100%. You always need a gun that is immediately available. If you should ever need it, you may have only seconds even in your own home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by country85
    I agree with Chris 100%. You always need a gun that is immediately available. If you should ever need it, you may have only seconds even in your own home.
    We have a 4 yr old at home, and my wife and I both carry (one of us is always carrying at home). We have taught our son what to do if he finds a gun, but it is safer to keep them out of his reach for now. It'll be different in another year. I've got LOTSA guns and most of them are locked up or put way out of reach of little hands. Bottom line, the only guns that are not locked up are the ones that are in our immediate control (i.e. wearing).
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    I was just discussing this with a LEO at church this past Sunday. The child of one of his partners(six year old) shot himself with his dads hand gun recently. We talked alot about safety on/off, locks, chambered rounds..etc., but really did not come up with any satisfactory explanations or answers.

    I have two sons; now grown. I never left a loaded firearm in the house while they were living at home. I did have animals around (pitus bullus) to help with home defense issues. Now that its only me & the frau cheerfully occupying our humble abode I have my XD-45 on me or the bedside table.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnova
    I was wondering how people with kids feel about having guns in the house with kids.
    I believe it is GREAT!!! I believe it adds to the parent/child relationship and it is the Right Thing To Do.

    I believe we have a Responsibility to raising our children Properly - we need to be teaching them the things they need to know. I believe it is all in the training...

    I have raised (am raising) four kids to learn, know, respect, shoot and value all kinds of weapons - Handguns and Long guns included. I carry 24/7 and my kids know and respect the weapons when they see them. They ALSO know that all weapons are kept secure - in Vaults - for a reason.

    Training up children in proper gun knowledge and etiquette is - IMO -the best way to de-mystify weapons, and to help them develop a healthy love of and respect for all weapons.

    My 10 y/o daughter can shoot a Texas CHL Qual Score ABOVE 225!

    The ADDED BONUS is that We get to spend much more time with our children and they with us - my wife and me...

    What more could you ask for?
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    I have a 6 year old and he knows where the safe is at, knows not to go near it. Keep all the firearms you do not carry in a safe, and keep it locked at all times.

    Once in a while my son will want me to pull out the firearms for him to look at; I do so after triple checking they are clear, then I let him handle the small ones while teaching him the basic safety rules - I tell him the big ones he gets to handle when he reaches certain age / he brings me a good school report card.

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    Keeping Kids Safe

    I agree with what has been said about teaching children what guns will do. When mine were young and expressed interest in them, I brought them out and showed them what they were about. We had a nice discussion and I told them that, if they had more questions, or wanted to see them again, to just ask me and I'd be glad to get them out.

    With that said, I showed them the locks that go around the trigger guard area of each gun. I believe these are made by MasterLock. Each gun had the lock covering the trigger area so that it was protected. I purchased the locks all keyed alike. I kept the key to the locks on a chain around my neck, 24/7. I practiced quickly removing the lock in the dark to simulate having to do that in an emergency. You can get pretty fast removing the lock with just a little bit of practice.

    I carried that key with me constantly. I even had it on when I showered. I highly recommend this method. Even if my kids didn't obey the instruction to leave the guns alone when I wasn't around, I had substantial peace of mind knowing that they couldn't pull the trigger of a gun that didn't have a trigger that was able to be seen let alone be fingered.

    This worked for me. My kids are now safely grown and have a respect for firearms. I had immediate access to the guns if there was a "bump in the night" yet I kept them safe from their own childish immaturity.


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    With the exception of guns that I have in place for home defense, I generally like to pull the bolt or another easy to remove essential part and store them separately. Not only does it render the weapon completely safe, a burglar has to discover both pieces before he can make off with a functioning weapon.

    I am a huge fan of raising children to act appropriately around guns. It was how I was raised, and how I hope to raise my children. As long as one is responsible about how they are stored in relation to the situation, IMO the risk is minimal to nonexistent.

    All the best,


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    The perfect place for a defensive weapon is under your direct control... all the time. Kids can't get hold of a weapon that is in your holster. If it's not under my direct control, it's locked up.

    I have 4 daughters. I started teaching each about weapons as soon as they were able to understand what I was saying, and I'm still continuing their lessons. My oldest is 18 now, her most recent lesson was last weekend. Yup, she's a pretty good shot :) I'm in the process of picking up a shotgun for her, since she's moving out soon. As soon as it's legal to do so, I'm giving her favorite of my revolvers to her.

    IMHO, the _worst_ thing you can do with kids is try to hide something from them. They'll find it, eventually, no matter how well hidden it is. Education is the answer.
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    +1 P8triot!

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    When my niece was two years old, she learned "basic gun safety" that a small child her age would understand. At that age, it's just plain don't touch.

    I placed my carry gun on a table just out of reach of her and said, "Jessie, what's that?"
    "Are you allowed to touch that?"
    "Why not?"
    "Gun owwwwww."

    Owwwww was the word she knew to describe something that would hurt her, and we made sure to apply it to firearms.

    That certainly doesn't mean leave the guns out. They need to be locked up anyway (unless the gun is on you) until the child is old enough to truly understand and exhibit firearms safety and responsibility.

    I believe kids are a lot smarter and sneakier than parents give them credit for. I knew every nook and cranny I could reach, and would hide in the closet, hamper, and anywhere else I could fit. I snooped everywhere, and I knew where stuff was. It wasn't until many years later when I was shown the fake wall under the stairs.
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    My three were exposed to guns and gun safety as soon as they started to walk. They learned very early "No don't touch". We had no toy guns in our house and they were taught the only gun that you were allowed to point at someone is a finger gun. As soon as they could handle a gun they learned to shoot. My son was 5 and my daughters were both 7 when they learned. I always took my kids shooting or hunting with me and showed them the game I had shot so they knew just what a gun could do. As for my carry gun, it never left my side, same as now.


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    My daughter is now 17 but has had a full awareness of guns and she is actually a better shot than most. She has always understood what a gun is for. In my house if the gun was not on my hip it was locked up in the safe or rendered useless.
    George Washington: "A free people ought to be armed."

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