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Okay, so how do YOU answer when asked, "Why...?"

This is a discussion on Okay, so how do YOU answer when asked, "Why...?" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Because when seconds count, the ploice are minutes away, plus, the Supreme Court has ruled that police have no obligation to protect individual citizens....

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Thread: Okay, so how do YOU answer when asked, "Why...?"

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    Because when seconds count, the ploice are minutes away, plus, the Supreme Court has ruled that police have no obligation to protect individual citizens.
    Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.
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    Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”
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    When those who know me ask if I will carry or not, I say yes I will. Then when they ask why, I have my reply.

    "I live in the real world, not an ideal one. Just look at all the paroled felons on the map for our home city. If you aren't scared by all the dots of released criminals, never follow the news, then you will never understand."

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    "Why" is not only NOT a stupid question it is a fantastic question. It is the mother load of all questions and one of the founding questions for knowledge, betterment and furthering in understanding.
    Lima, I LOVE your post! I, too, cringe when I hear people answering this question flippantly. The decision to carry should be anything but flippant, and I don't think the people giving answers like "In case I need to shoot somebody" made the decision lightly. But by saying something like that, I think it does our cause a great disservice.

    But in a lot of these situations, you just can't go into the kind of detail that is really appropriate. In those instances, I really like the seatbelt analogy. "Did you buckle your seatbelt on the way here? [of course] Why? Were you expecting to have an accident?" They'll get the idea. They may not fully agree, but just maybe they'll give it some further thought, or perhaps even ask you about it later when you can discuss the topic in more depth.

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    I was carrying around the house today at a picnic we were having. A welcome home to my bro-in-law/father's day/my birthday type party. I just have my Kel-Tec in my pocket, nothing crazy. I forget exactly, she asked me if I was carrying. She said, jokingly "our family doesn't get THAT rowdy!" I responded with "who knows, a wild coyote could appear in the backyard!" jokingly, again, of course. But it could happen :) I've made a habit out of it. If I'm awake and dressed, I have a pistol on me or within arms reach, literally 100% of the time. even in bed and in the shower, a pistol is within arms reach. Now, had I gotten in the pool today, I guess I would have broken my 100% into 99.9% :p

    Anyway, she's not against carry, at all. Her husband carries either his M9, or a Tomcat .32 in his pocket (as he was today) and she herself has been thinking about getting a small pistol of her own. My family knows I carry daily. They may give me slight hard time about it, because my family likes to poke a little fun at you every now and then, nothing serious, but nobody is against it. My dad has his LTCF, but doesn't carry. I have a pretty "pro-gun" family. if they're not pro, they're neutral.

    But really I don't get asked "why" very often. Because either people don't know I'm carrying, or are ok with it. If I do get asked by somebody "anti", I'm not confrontational, so I keep it short...."because I can".

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    Just tell them,"because I live in the US of A amd it's my right and freedom to do so. Just as it's there right to have the freedom of speech to even ask you a stupid question like that. Or just tell then that you watch the news. Haha. Or even better if your like me, live outside of Memphis, Tn where the hit television show "first 48" is filmed non stop and they won't even ask you why. Lol

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    I've never been asked that question by someone with genuine interest; it's always been asked as a loaded question with malicious intent. Therefore I don't give an explanation and don't feel I have to. Only like minded friends know I carry usually. The few times acquaintances have noticed and asked it has been followed by snide remarks. Carrying a firearm for protection isn't something I advertise or feel I need to explain, that is why it's called a right.

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