This is what I'm thinking.

This is what I'm thinking.

This is a discussion on This is what I'm thinking. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 1. A basic, nature-issued human is a not a very impressive animal. However, give the human a stick or rock, and he pretty much becomes ...

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Thread: This is what I'm thinking.

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    This is what I'm thinking.

    1. A basic, nature-issued human is a not a very impressive animal. However, give the human a stick or rock, and he pretty much becomes instant predator, especially if he can throw the rock. Give him a little time to shape the stick or rock into basic tools, and he can be top predator, or nearly. There is no animal that can stand against a pack of similarly armed humans. We are the reason there are no cave bears or mammoths left on the planet.

    2. As humans dominated and spread through the natural world, competition between groups of humans became more intense. It appears from looking at history that technologically superior cultures almost always have a significant edge.

    I do mean technologically, not scientifically. Technology being the applied use of scientific knowledge. Lots of ancient cultures had some really advanced scientific knowledge and even inventions that for various reasons they never got around to using.

    3. European societies at a certain point took off running with technology, and made the gap in power between them and all other groups so wide and did it so quickly, that the gap was really insurmountable. Within a few hundred years, Europeans had long range firearms, artillery, and the logistics to support them and move them around the planet. Game over.

    4. Even though other cultural models exist, the basic force of technologically driven human culture has taken over in every way that matters.

    So that's where we are right now. Technology driving everything. There's a reason America is still militarily dominant, and it's not because there are more of us (India and China), or because we are the best warriors (our guys are excellent, but other cultures have good fighters, too), it because we have the tech.

    That technology is driving in two different directions at the same time.

    First, it is making it increasingly easy for those who have resources (governments and corporations) to manage, control, and keep track of people. The more tech progresses, the cheaper, easier, and more comprehensive these abilities become.

    Second, it is allowing individuals to have more power on a personal level. This is in direct opposition to the first direction.

    Even though one of the main reasons why America is technologically dominant, is that we have freedom that allows innovation and personal power, doesn't mean that there are not strong drives at work to remove that freedom. What those in power want is what those in power always end up wanting, eventually: to maintain the status quo. In other words, stagnation.

    The drive to limit personal power is uniform in all organizations after a while. The most direct, immediate, and effective way to do that is to disarm your population. The other important and necessary step is to isolate, regulate, and control groups through controlling communication and media.

    One of the main things that brought down several Arab dictatorships was their inability to control the internet and stop people from talking to each other. Even though Egypt eventually pulled the plug on the entire internet, by then it was too late. If you think governments around the world haven't noticed, think again.

    Gun rights when seen in this light may appear rather different. The drive to remove these weapons is essentially the same drive that wants to regulate and control the internet and other public spaces. ANYTHING that makes a person hard to trace, control, and regulate, is on a functional level, the same to controlling organizations. I'm not sure these things are even consciously thought about as being the same, but organizations have drives just like individuals have drives, and ultimately, just like individuals, they will employ a range of methods from subtle persuasion to brute force to get what they want.

    Controlling organizations tend to inevitably, whatever there initial purpose, evolve into self-sustaining bureaucracies. For a society to be healthy, we must prevent things from settling down into stagnation. If you are not actively seeking to protect your rights, you are losing them. So, support gun rights, even if you have no intention of ever owning one. Support net neutrality even if you don't have a modem.
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    The internet will be the downfall of society.
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    The internet will be the downfall of society.
    He said on the internet.

    It might be the savior of society.

    But seriously OP, you make many great points and connections. Our world is nearing the cusp of a technological revolution. Everything could change. Think about Star Trek and how no one in those societies gets paid, they work for society and are rewarded for their contribution. This is an entirely new societal model which is purer than the Communism we recently defeated in the Soviet Union, and anathema to our capitalist lifestyle. The only way I see the USA and the world going to this type of system is through a world catastrophe and reorganization under a series of worldwide benevolent dictators, over many decades, or some great world event that would shake us all past our roots, such as an alien invasion and takeover. I have no illusion that our current and future leaders in government and business, or average citizens for that matter, have the lofty ideals necessary to emulate the Federation's style of society . Could we all successfully transform with our rights retained and protected? With sufficient technological and societal evolution, would civilian firearms ownership survive, or even be needed for self defense? Probably not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    The internet will be the downfall of society.
    Says the guy on an internet forum. lol.

    Good points. Everyone that owns a gun should be actively fighting for gun rights. Spread the word about responsible gun ownership, get some friends involved in shooting, whatever, but do something!

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