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Who needs a gun safe?

This is a discussion on Who needs a gun safe? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have two Deluxe Gunvault safes (the Mini and the Multi models). The Multi is for my nightstand and the Mini I haul around in ...

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Thread: Who needs a gun safe?

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    I have two Deluxe Gunvault safes (the Mini and the Multi models). The Multi is for my nightstand and the Mini I haul around in the car/truck. Both models have numberless keypad access, a spring action door, courtesy light and a motion alarm (real loud one by the way). Check the models out for yourself, but if you decide to get one, shop around online - prices vary a lot:


    A good show to watch is Discovery's It takes A Thief. There are countless episodes where you see crooks run off with all kind of goodies, to include guns - both in gun safes and in places gun owners think thieves will never look. The show's website:


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    I have a small safe that I bought from Wal-Mart very sturdy and wall mountable. I bought for the times that I know I can't carry, Like work and its home locked up. However, if I decide to buy more guns I will invest in a big safe. My dad has a safe that can hold man, alot of guns and its almost full, but he does not shoot. Anyway, my 2Cents...
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    In my opinion, part of the responsibility of having a gun is making sure that it does not fall in the wrong hands.

    I have a $330 Stack-On safe for my long guns. It is OK, but not nearly as secure as a more expensive, heavier safe. I would like a heavier one, but I move too much, and the big ones are a hassle to move.

    However, I have a burglar alarm to compensate for the inadequacies of the safe – that is, the safe could probably be opened in less than 30 minutes, but with the burglar alarm blaring, the perps probably are not going to hang around.

    One problem with a lot of traditional combo safes is that it takes a long time to get to your gun if you need it. An LEO/CCW instructor recommended a small pistol safe. He keeps the key to his safe on his car key ring and the key goes in the pistol safe every night (which is by his bed). I use that approach.

    Since you only have two guns, you might consider a pistol safe for your Kimber. I have heard that somebody makes a quick-access, lockable rack for a shotgun, but I have not seen it.

    If you don’t have a safe of any kind, then it might be a good idea to buy a nice one. I am sure you have other items (jewelry, etc.) that could find a home in there.

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    I do not have a safe, but am seriously considering getting one, 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine was relieved of 15 handguns and cash while he and his wife were at work. Police said that if he had a safe he would probably still have them.

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    Don't have a safe. Have a cabinet, but not enough room for it. I keep them under the bed and my pistols in the closet.
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    Right now I have 5 firearms. 3 pistols and 2 long guns. I have a Deluxe Gunvault that I use for the pistols but nothing for the long guns right now. I really do need to invest in a good gun safe but the money is very tight right now and the near future looks to be even tighter.

    My feeling is that if you intend to gather more firearms, like I myself intend to do, than a good size, heavy-duty, fire-rated safe is the only way to go. You should have one at some point when the funds allow.

    I heard somewhere but I forget who I heard it from, but it was said that most criminals look at any gun safe under 750 pounds as "managable" and "removable" due to the possibility of what might be inside. With that in mind, the safe I buy will be the biggest I can afford and I'll pour a cement pad with bolts laid into it to secure the safe to the floor. I have no plans on moving and intend to spend ther est of my life at my current house so this seems the best lpan for my firearm's security.
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