Addicts putting pharmacies under siege

Addicts putting pharmacies under siege

This is a discussion on Addicts putting pharmacies under siege within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Quite an interesting article! I live in Seattle, tomorrow I will be finding out where this pharmacy is and switching my business to it. Also, ...

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Thread: Addicts putting pharmacies under siege

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    Addicts putting pharmacies under siege

    Quite an interesting article!

    I live in Seattle, tomorrow I will be finding out where this pharmacy is and switching my business to it.

    Also, this is a good reminder to Carry Always, Never Tell

    Addicts putting pharmacies under siege -

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    The would-be robber dashed out the door, with the pistol-packing pharmacist giving chase.
    Should of stopped when the BG dashed....
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    My pharmacy only keeps a VERY minimum of Junkie type pills.

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    Although I am not on any pain meds it always concerns me that someone seeing me pickup meds will try to take them hoping to get some of the “good stuff”.
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    When he started his career two decades ago, Donohue said, he never imagined having to wear a gun or put bullet-resistant glass on his store windows to keep any shots he fires at robbers from breaking through and hitting someone walking by.
    Sounds like he put the bullet-resistant glass in the wrong place. It appears he put it in the front windows to protect passers by. I would have put it between the public area and the pharmicists. Use a slide drawer to move payment and drugs through the barrier. I know that this takes away the "personal feel", but it would reduce the likelihood of having a credible threat made on the pharmacists.
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    I don't think that they are necessarily under siege, just "Flavor of the week" in the news given the AZ Pharmacist that got convicted and the most recent one that got fired.

    There's a member here who had a "Close Encounter" with a guy in the parking lot a couple years back when he took his mother (wheel chair bound) to pick up her meds. Got followed out of the store and attempted mugging while loading mother in the van. A flinch away from dropping the hammer on the knife wielding BG before he [BG] ran off.

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    Three pharmaciy hit here last week alone. Seems to have become all too commonplace
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    Pharmacies should start filling armed 'script' requests with 'LEAD'...lots of it!OMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Pharmacies should start filling armed 'script' requests with 'LEAD'...lots of it!OMO
    +1- i agree.

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    Pharmacies aren't the only ones getting hit for drugs. My sister is a Veterinarian and her clinic was broken into twice a couple years back. Dirt bags would smash thru a door or window and grab anything looking like a drug (2nd time even ripped the whole locked cabinet off wall) and be gone within minutes. So she got clever....and moved into the clinic her two rottweilers, nicknamed "Pain" and "Misery".

    Now each of these bruisers weigh close to 150lbs. Of course they're the fattest pair of pansies that you'll ever meet and were raised to be the family dogs, growing up and playing with the kids. And they are annoying, barking at anything and everything that happens to enter their field of vision. Yep, just two big furballs whose only ambitions in life are eating and chasing balls. But appearances are everything.

    My Sister installed big plate glass windows on the front of her clinic and at night they leave the lights on so you can basically see the whole lobby area from the street....and of course you also see two massive land sharks roaming the building. Now truth be told, if anybody actually broke in these two fluffys would just lick them to death....but if anybody even walks by and the pooches see them they start barking their heads off. In dog language they're saying "Got a ball? Wanna play? Let me lick you!"....but what you hear is BARK! BARK! BARK! ("Come inside...we're hungry").

    Sis actually gets to spend more time with the dogs now as they are kept in the back during the day and when not busy she plays with them. Nobody visiting the clinic is any wiser because the staff are careful to foster the illusion that two vicious attack dogs are kept on the premises. Since the two mutts have taken residence there, no break-ins have occurred. Funny how two sissy canines have dropped the crime rate in their domain to zero.
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