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Hey, you - the one with the concealed carry license! Yeah, you!

This is a discussion on Hey, you - the one with the concealed carry license! Yeah, you! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by paaiyan Mine's good for 3 1/2 more years. You can't just make a post like that though, we're all really curious now... ...

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Thread: Hey, you - the one with the concealed carry license! Yeah, you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    Mine's good for 3 1/2 more years. You can't just make a post like that though, we're all really curious now...
    Sorry - no juicy story to tell (though try and maintain your composure when using an expired permit as secondary ID for a gun purchase!). But it will be wife and daughter protecting me for a few weeks.

    And regarding 'license' vs. 'permit'... I muffed a driver's license renewal once, too. Hey, I'm busy thinking deep thoughts all the time, that's all.
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    Check the condition of yours as well. Mine still has another year before expires, but the wear from foreign objects (dirt/sand) has made it a bit sketchy. Probably ought to get mine replaced.

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    This happened with my drivers license this year! It was only a week expired but I surely thought I'd have to take the driving test over again (at age 56 not a delight). Would really HATE to have the concealed carry expire, thanks for the reminder!
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    The driving test would not be bad. Here in VA if you expire, they make you bring in your birth certificate, DNA analysis and letters from both parents and the Doctor who delivered you. Well, just the birth cert for now, but the other stuff will probably be required next year.

    My CHP expired last year and I didn't even bother sending in a renewal. I have two out of state permits that are good for a while yet. As some of you may recall, I had an "issue" with my Sheriff the last time I tried to get a permit here due to VA's rather unique "Shall Issue" law that still lets Chief LEOs quash your permit. Long story. The law has been tweaked a couple times but I'm betting he'd still try to make my life difficult. That's what happens when you get on a Sheriff's bad side. I ended up moving to another jurisdiction and getting the permit there, but circumstances dictated me moving back 'home' a couple year ago. Hopefully, since the good Sheriff is under investigation by the VSP (Yes I LOVE KARMA!!!!) and his son/Captain has a felony charge pending, his re-election campaign will be unsuccessful and we can get back to normalcy next year. The only wild card is that three people are running against him as Independents, which might split the vote and allow his core supporters to keep him in office, providing he doesn't get his own Felony indictment/conviction in the mean time.

    The good Sheriff had a Felon, his Son/Captain's son-in-law, carrying an issued Taser, dressed in a SD uniform, and riding out on arrests and warrant services. Yet he claims he had no knowledge of this.

    The good Sheriff "lost" a Felony warrant issued against his brother-in-law. He claims it never came into his office with the other eleven issued that day.

    This is how Sheriff Charlie Phelps rolls, from a friend of mine:

    Jan 5, 2010:

    Today i found out i [was] denied my chp application here in isle of wight county.I have been a resident in the county for 39 yrs, minor criminal record (A couple bounced checks about 10yrs ago, and 3 speeding tickets). What i want to know is what can i do to protest this. I have requested a face to face with the sheriff as it was a letter of no recomendation to the judge that caused it. Any other ideas as how to proceed?
    Denied my CHP - Page 3

    Post #91, January 26, 2010:

    Ok guys here is the latest.The judge met with the sheriff and myself in chambers before the hearing. The sheriff stated why he was denying my CHP,and why he believev i would handle a firearm in a manner that would endanger myself and the public. I stated why i thought this was wrong and citied the state statues that applied. The judge agreed with me and granted my permit.He also told the sheriff than maybe he should learn and understand the statues. i recieved my permit in the mail 2 days later.
    Anyway, I've strayed from the topic. Sorry about that.
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    My license and permits are valid until November 10, 2013. That'll be a strange day.
    Bad thing: a new law - since July the 1st, everybody re-registering less-lethals or self-defense shotguns (which happens every 5 years) will have to pass a test about gun laws. It means only one thing: wasting time, wasting money. I'm living in the country with very high corruption index.
    Good thing: I'll be eligible of getting a license to purchase a rifle. Up to 5 ones. I'll think I'll start with the shortest legal Saiga in 7.62x39 with 14" barrel - that'll be a good plinker
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigD7 View Post
    It's nice having a lifetime permit.


    No Doubt,,, Go Indiana!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by joker1 View Post
    Relax, I've got till 1/13. But thanks for caring. Good luck with the outcome of your ooops!


    Mines good till 10/13

    Good luck.
    Hope it was a non-incident.
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    I'm good until June 2013, provided the world doesn't end in 2012, or October of this year, or any other date in between.

    I do need to remember to schedule the renewal class in about Febuary to allow for catching a class and the paperwork to get the renewal through though.
    Michigan permits expire 4 years after the birthday following your original permit issue, then it's five years after that.

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    Thank You Sir!

    I thought this was something about printing while carrying. So I decided to check my CWP. Well, I am within 90 days of expiration. Now my Florida CWP may cover my state of SC, but why wait. So, I just renewed online. TNX for the reminder.

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    My license will expire when I expire!!! Love Indiana!
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    Mine doesn't expire until 10/2017. :)

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    WV Concealed Pistol/Revolver Licence expires 11-12-2013

    New Hampshire Non-Resident Pistol/Revolver Licence expires 9-30-2013

    My expiration date? God only knows!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigD7 View Post
    It's nice having a lifetime permit.
    Grrrr...... Jealous

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    Checked mine and I have 20 days before I hit the Early Renewal period! In AZ I really don't need the CCW but, when I travel outside the State I sure do!
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    I am good for a long while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paymeister View Post
    Pull that thing out of your wallet and take a look at it.

    Check the date it expires.

    Still valid? Good. Just wanted you to check and be sure.

    I don't want to talk about why this is suddenly an important issue for me.
    No expiration on mine - NY State - permanent unless revoked for cause. Unless new laws are passed, it's a lifetime permit, as the vast majority are in the state.

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