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This is a discussion on Etiquette Shmetiquette within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My Wife and I both carry and she is a Farm raised Country Gal! We handle it by who has the business in the place ...

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Thread: Etiquette Shmetiquette

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    My Wife and I both carry and she is a Farm raised Country Gal! We handle it by who has the business in the place or who is most familiar with the place goes first! Whoever is going second has responsibility for back trial coverage!
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    I always thought that's why you let the lady go first, you never know whats on the other side!

    We were just joking about this last week. I told my wife that's why I hold the door for her. If she makes it inside safely then I'll enter! She just gave me "the look" and said THANKS, rather sacarstically.

    Seriously though, I always try to open the door for my wife but a lot of stores now have such heavy spring close mechanisim on them that you can't hold the door open with your hand on the push bar near the hinge and still be out of the way of the door to let her past you unless you go out first and then stand next to the door.

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    Agreed re the heavy door closers. The techniques that I use is that she stands slightly to the right of the door, which allows me to grasp the push bar near the opening side of the door. Then as I open the door open I move to the left allowing her to exit first. At the same time, with non see through doors, this allows me to see ahead prior to her exiting. If necessary I can remain over to the right preventing her exiting first and deal with whatever problem I observe.
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    Good worthwhile thread.

    OH...& you mispelled "Shmetiquette"

    It's SChmetiquette

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    She's bait.

    The wife usually has 2 or three steps on me going out the door (or in for that matter). I follow and do the quick scan 180* for any potentials. If there is going to be an attempt, the timing should be just about right for me to have the drop, this is all presuming that she is not addressing the matter herself (no CC, just a large heavy purse/bag with really HD carrying handles).

    ON EDIT - She's likely to be more upset with me if I have to fire a shot, that I did not warn her first to cover her ears, rather than going out first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radshooter View Post
    My wife has a CCW, but does not carry. She says "That is what I have you for!"
    My wife does not carry for the same reason. I'm still working on her to carry--usually saying things like "I need you to carry my BUG" or "If we get separated, you watch the kids, you've got the BUG"
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    I held the door open for a couple ladies as I was leaving work on Friday and one asked if I was married.
    I replied, "Very happily."
    She then said, "Hmmm... I have a sister..."
    The other one gave me to pieces of chocolate and wished me a good weekend.
    Nice to put a smile on someone's face at the end of the week.

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