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This is a discussion on Talk about ANTI within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I used to be a mechanic and have my toolbox, in my garage at home. It houses around $25,000 in tools. My neigbor across the ...

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Thread: Talk about ANTI

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    I used to be a mechanic and have my toolbox, in my garage at home. It houses around $25,000 in tools. My neigbor across the street came over and asked, if I had a certain tool, after seeing my toolbox, I can guarantee, his testosterone level went up. Maybe I should quit loaning him tools, he might hurt someone with them My car gets my levels up, going to the range gets my levels up, my fiance, gets my levels up etc...... When will the anti's stop this pathetic "scientific BS". I don't understand why some people buy into this crap, it's nothing but propaganda.

    P.S. my tools kinda get my testosterone level up too
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    Well testosterone is what makes men, well men. What do they want to do raise our estrogen levels? Now given testosterone poisoning is bad but in and of it self dose not escalate aggression. I myself love hot sauce and would ask to have some my self so as not to gype the other guy:P.
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    dr_cmg has posted for me (thank you George) and done better than I would Not too many days we do not see ''anti' drivel'' but sometimes it sure is hard to suck up.

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    The moral of the story is: "Don't handle guns before you compete in the Tour de France?"

    Or did I miss something???

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    Actually, it's not the increased test serum levels that should worry anyone, it's the resulting estrogen conversion that occurs which causes the mood swings and "temporary insanity".....

    ....Nolvadex anyone?
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    Let's do a 'scientific study' to determine whether testosterone levels rise when men look at girlie pics. I'll volunteer!!!

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    ok maybe i could understand that handling a gun will get your testosterone levels up.....but *** does the hot sauce have to do with anything? if i gave you a cup with water and hot sauce and made you drink it........then said you would do the same to the next guy....99% of people WOULD DO IT!!!!! men AND woman........of ALL ages......personally i like a practical joke as much as the next person.....its called a sense of humor not aggression its not like i shot the next guy because the previous guy put hot sauce in my water!

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    Would anyone guess if a club or bow & arrow would do the same?

    perhaps it could only happen in 4000BC

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    Sounds like the researchers was just jelous that they weren't man enough to handle a gun, and in effort to make them "feel" better they have to try to level out what a real man is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dimmak
    ....Nolvadex anyone?
    Good idea, imagine trying to explain range induced gyno.

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    that is funny i just saw a show last night on pbs , it was giving the 'hot sauce' test to show hostilities against nonbelievers . funny how they used the same test for a diff subject.

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    I wrote about this so-called study last night, but since I have thought of several more questions. The article does not mention how the men in the study were selected. If, for instance, they put out ads for volunteers and included in the ad the requirement that the respondent enjoy handling gun. This would skew the study to produce just exactly the type of results that they got.

    The correct method of finding the volunteers would be a real random sample. That probably was not done. What would be interesting would be to do the same experiment with a group of men who disliked guns and favored gun control. If I were a betting man I would wager that with this group they would get the exact opposite results. Proving the original experiment to be manipulated to produce the results that the experimenters wanted.

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    Appreciate all your replies and the light you threw on this. All of you had something of the same reaction I had (although several of you were a lot better at expressing it). I guess what bothered me the most about this is not the wannabe doing the 'study' or even the study itself, but the fact that it would be reported on in a serious vein by a supposedly serious part of the media. I've nothing more to say about it - I just don't understand it - at all, at all. Thanks again for chipping in some really good '2-cents'.

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    Wonder what hormone levels rise in women???

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    There was a great scene in the pilot for "The West Wing". The religious-right type was arguing against discussing the use of condoms in public school:

    Church Lady: "Show a teenage male a condom and his mind will turn to thoughts of lust."
    Toby Ziegler: "Show a teenage male a lug wrench and his mind will turn to thoughts of lust!"

    How true, how true . . .
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