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This is a discussion on Talk about ANTI within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The conclusion of the researchers here was: "Such findings raise many of the usual questions about whether the presence of guns in modern society contributes ...

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    Implicit assumptions

    The conclusion of the researchers here was:

    "Such findings raise many of the usual questions about whether the presence of guns in modern society contributes to violent behavior," Klinesmith and colleagues conclude. "Although our study is clearly far from definitive, its results suggest that guns may indeed increase aggressiveness partially via changes in the hormone testosterone."

    The assumption implicit in this conclusion is that "violent behavior" and "aggressiveness" are bad. I disagree with this assumption, and contend that violent behavior and aggressiveness are survival traits for both individual humans and organized groups of humans.

    When attacked by wild animals or other groups of humans, it has been violence that has saved the individual or the group from annihilation. Violence and the threat of violence are integral parts of US culture and US government policy - one of the largest components of government spending is the defense budget. And our Defense Department is devoted almost exclusively to preparation for violent encounters that are necessary to our survival.

    On the individual level, when you are attacked by a criminal, the only effective response is to react violently and stop or deter the attack. The alternative is to be injured or killed, letting the criminal have his way with you, your family and your property. Reason does not work in such a situation, and only violence can save you.

    So I reject this study as flawed because of its implicit assumption that violence and aggression are bad. Controlled violence and aggression are good, and vital for continued existence.
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    Well said, pogo2. There are those to whom "violence" and "aggressive behavior" = "bad" in any context. As the lessons of history undeniably dictate, personal and societal survival are oft times predicated upon this very capacity. To declare that violence is always undesirable seems to me a singularly suicidal approach.
    "We're paratroopers. We're supposed to be surrounded!" Dick Winters

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