People Involved in Mechanical - HVAC - and Industrial Maintenance - How Do You carry?

People Involved in Mechanical - HVAC - and Industrial Maintenance - How Do You carry?

This is a discussion on People Involved in Mechanical - HVAC - and Industrial Maintenance - How Do You carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This fits in two different forums. I'll post it here and the Moderators can move it should the need be. I do commercial refrigeration and ...

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Thread: People Involved in Mechanical - HVAC - and Industrial Maintenance - How Do You carry?

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    People Involved in Mechanical - HVAC - and Industrial Maintenance - How Do You carry?

    This fits in two different forums. I'll post it here and the Moderators can move it should the need be.

    I do commercial refrigeration and industrial maintenance. That affords me the opportunity to be on a ladder, climbing through duct work, laying in the floor, operating machinery and engaging in activities where my hands are above my head most of the time. My customers know I carry (they do too and have no problem with it) but it is better kept quiet for all concerned. Does anyone else on here have the same or similar profession? Any thughts on carry options? My in-office hours is not not an issue. A simle snubbie in the pocket is fine. However out in the field is a very different story. 2AM cell site call or a 4AM grocery freezer problem etc.

    I am just curious of how the rest of the blue collar crowd carries. Brick layers, plumbers, HVAC techs, pipe welders, machinest, Field Service Techs, and etc.

    My Best!

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    I'm an electrician, and I've experimented a little with carrying on the job.

    My normal EDC is either a 1911 or G23, but they're not feasible, for me. Reason being, like you said, different movements to work around; wearing bags, manipulating tools, machines, etc.

    I'm still searching for a way to carry a larger weapon, but for now what works for me is a pocket carried j-frame, or appendix carried SP101
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    Good question, Diddle. For us physically active folks, it is a challenge to keep it concealed. I share the same dilema and have an anti-gun company policy to boot. I decided a long time ago though that a livelyhood is not worth my life. Just this weekend I picked up a Bulldog mini range bag - $16.95 at the local gun store. It very much resembles a small day planner and has extra compartments that you can actually use it as such. If you have work orders/billing statements, etc. nobody would believe it to be for any other purpose than your workbook. My work orders are electronic on my mobile phone. So I plan to explain it away as my refrigerant log, which does fit. This bag holds my Kimber .45 in the holster and an extra clip. While I may not be wearing it, I still can always keep it close at hand. Hope this works for you.
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    I do wildlife control. Lot's of ladder work--roofs--crawl spaces and attics.
    I keep a KT P3at in my pocket in a deSantis pocket holster.
    Bigger gun is always in the truck with a fanny pack and an IWB and OWB holster for when I want to carry that

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    Field service tech for a concrete paving company.

    I carry a full size Baby Eagle (4.72" barrel) IWB tucked @3:30 - 4:00 all day, every day (12 hour work days) since mid-late 2007 in a CBST style holster with the front clip camouflaged as a key ring, and the rear clip is a black pass through to match my belt and gets parked right next to a belt loop.

    OWB - out of the question
    Pocket carry - gonna hurt myself
    Appendix carry - gonna hurt myself worse than pocket carry
    Shoulder holster (under work shirt) - Doable, but probably print and stick out real bad, and be a PITA to get to if I need it.
    Ankle carry - would be more like upper calf carry with the boots that I wear.

    I do the running, jumping, climbing, rolling, crawling, and hanging upside down and have only had a few instances where a bit more retention would have been nice. My biggest problem is my work shirt coming untucked after crawling around on the ground for a while.

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    Interesting question, Diddle. I used to work HVAC (for 28 years) as a fabricator/installer and couldn't imagine carrying anywhere but in an ankle holster. No problem if I am in the shop, but since a lot of my work was in places like GE, Amsco (Steris), Lord Corp. and schools... carrying was a no-no anyway. As was having a gun in my vehicle entering some of those places.
    I think a couple guns might work for you, one in an ankle holster and a vehicle gun, or in a carry bag like mentioned. Something you can move around with you when you are getting parts out of the van. You are definitely working in a yellow zone, since most service access is in an alley behind the main parking lot. If any of your work is residential though, I would leave the bag in the van, since kids can be nosy when you arent watching.

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    I work in the Commercial HVAC/Refrigeration field and wear BDU Cargo pants provided by a uniform company. I have no problem carrying a 642 Jframe in a pocket holster. Been carrying this way for years. I have to use rubber grips instead of my nice rosewood Badgersbecause the wood is slippery and the gun can fall out of my pocket when I am in certain positions. The rubber grips keep it in my pocket nicely in all of the unusual positions that I find myself in. I used to carry my G27 IWB at work, but I fell off a ladder and landed on my hip with the gun between me and the ground. It left a pretty nasty bruise. Guess a 12 foot fall proves the drop safety works though .
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    I'm a Plumber but I Manage our Coordination Department.
    G19 held under my desk with Magnetic Under Counter Gun Magnet GMG-0120 Belly Bands - Blue Stone
    Started pocket carrying a S&W BG 380....

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    I'm a Telecom Service Tech, G26 in a Smartcarry. I have no issue working while kneeling, bent over, twisting, climbing in a ceiling, laying on my side or stomach or while twisted in a corner at some stupid angle...nothing. I've never found a way to work aside from Smartcarry. For what I do IWB is out of the question.

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    I'm a tin knocker and I can't carry on the job. I'm a young guy so I get all the dirty confined space crawling around climbing in rafters kind of jobs. Would not ever consider carrying with a harness on or a toolbelt or both on. Plus the welding and the constant jumping in and out of trucks I'm just asking for an accident.

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    An electrician, former student, carries a little Kahr MK40 in a pocket in his leather tool pouch where it can't be seen. He also wears an empty Crossbreed Super Tuck with Velcro clips for a 1911. The Kahr fits in it perfectly if he takes his tool belt off.
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    The answer to your current situation is a wilderness safepacker. It is an IPS pouch worn on your belt. Looks like a tool pouch, will fit in with zero questions. Easy to draw from and also carries a spare mag. Produced in different sizes for different pistols.

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    As a retired HVAC guy, there are many options. Leather pouches such as those made to hold Wiggies, refrigerant leak detectors and amp-probes will carry a P3AT or J-frame revolver. If all else fails, think TOOL BOX! Heck, the guy who used to deliver LP gas to our house carried a revolver in his belt right down the middle. He said he was tired of being robbed in the bad neighborhoods.

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    my job had me to wear many hats: when i wasn't finding people sometimes i was moving stuff, be very active, carrying various and often bulky materials ( think hefting a Q mattress off the top of a car and up stairs to the 3rd floor.
    my answer was to have different rigs and dress each morning for my 'planned' days work. vest with a j-frame in the left pocket was std; along with pockets for cell phone, notebook
    there was a time before laptops, some may remember...keys: but the key here is a largish , reinforced left pocket for the 642. and the primary was at 3:30 IWB, a p11 w/ belt clip (modified to NOT move loose--putting it on required threading it through the belt; drawing it was a very deliberate action and meant that i would have to replace the clip cause it was sprung)
    other days had me to put on my Defender, OWB, 30 degree cant at 3:30 in a custom holster with strap retention. there is some undefined aura put out by a Colt that is...comforting.

    jobs and the details may change but the activity, the freedom of movement, the knowing that the gun ain't gonna work its way loose and perhaps escape its holster( a unforgivable user error--if you ever had it happen once; you know better now the value of snap & strap retention. take that fancy molded kydex or whatever and --mag loaded so the weight is close to what you would carry but UNCHAMBERED [hemm...] over a bed, hold it upside down and pivot at the elbow--3 fast up an downs and the gun fell out, yes? still think its a good holster??

    i gave up awhile back but ima gonna try to post a pic....stay tuned

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