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Thread: Help me please! Decisions decisions

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    Walther PPS with an IWB Crossbreed Super Tuck.

    Handguns PPS Walther -

    SuperTuck Deluxe

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    I'm 5'11", 155 and carry an M&P .40c in a CBST easily. I wear fairly small t-shirts and whatever cargos or shorts I pull out that day. For work I tuck in polo shirts, occasionally a button-up dress shirt. I've been to countless clients, all financial institutions, and if I'd have been made, I'd have heard about it.
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    Heya Cowboy, welcome to DC.

    Now, have you actually tried your read-about pistols, in your waistband, in a holster? You may find that all you need is another notch (or two, depending on if you decide to carry an off-side accessory IWB, also) in your belt, and that changes to your legion of Wranglers aren't necessary.

    Different people have different builds - what works for me or another person may or may not work as well for you.

    As you've seen, some "smaller" pistols may not be as small as they seem - things like thickness and weird angles can make something that's a near Holy-Grail for most users totally non-viable for a specific, unique, person.

    The thing that I'm latching onto, rockerff, in your OP is that you wear an untucked button-up. Have you entertained the possibility of OWB concealment holsters? With the right handgun (something with a slim profile, like the classic single-stack 1911s) and the right holster (the good makes will get the pistol to ride "high and tight," which will both suit someone with your body-build [i.e. little/no love-handles] as well as get the muzzle well high up, allowing excellent concealment with your untucked button-up), this might be a perfect solution for you.

    Finally, like the others have said, I would encourage you to not only fondle your potential buys, but to actually shoot them - either as range-rentals or if your friends own them (also check your local concealed-carry club/community).

    The problem with guys with big hands is that the diminutive physical size of these little pistols may actually make them harder to control and manipulate than bigger ones: sure, you can tuck that little sucker just about anywhere and virtually forget that you're carrying it, but if you can't shoot it worth a dime, then you're going to be ineffective in the defense of your person and loved-ones, and that's unacceptable, by anyone's standards.

    To me, concealed-carry is about satisfying a list of compromises. You'll have to find what the right compromises are, for you.

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    Thanks for all the replies! So I'm gathering that a 9mm is the way to go. I just don't want something as thick as my g26. Any recommendations? I saw the kahr mentioned as well as a walther. Any advice on a small 9mm? Thanks again for the help! ( and yes there are "cowboys" in Greensboro! I grew up on a farm and still rodeo a bit!) thanks again all

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    I carry a Taurus 709 slim in a Kholster IWB. Great gun, reliable and light weight.
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    I have a Ruger LC9 that I like a lot and it is one of the smaller 9's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockerff View Post
    Thanks for all the replies! So I'm gathering that a 9mm is the way to go. I just don't want something as thick as my g26. Any recommendations? I saw the kahr mentioned as well as a walther. Any advice on a small 9mm? Thanks again for the help! ( and yes there are "cowboys" in Greensboro! I grew up on a farm and still rodeo a bit!) thanks again all
    If you were already in the sub-compact range (i.e., Sig P238), I would urge you to take a look at (and fondle) Kahr's PM9. If you like the size and fit, I would urge you to consider its all-steel sister, the MK9 (my personal EDC). I found that its all-steel construction did wonders for recoil absorption (making it quicker on follow up shots for me), and its heft makes for a well-balanced sidearm. The only differences in dimensions is that the MK9's trigger guard is thicker than the PM9's (learned this from the folks at Cane & Derby holsters), and, of course, weight (PM9 is 16.7oz unloaded, while MK9 is 24oz unloaded).

    FWIW, I carry OWB in a pancake holster and find that the firearm disappears under a suit jacket/sport coat (my daily office wear) and untucked t-shirts/polo-shirts.

    EDITED TO ADD: I am 5'7", 155lbs.

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    Try this...I`m 5.6,145 and I carry a 1911 in a shoulder holster and a big shirt or my S&W 642 in a slip in holster in my shorts.Both work well and are comfortable. Ya gotta dress for it and plan ahead.

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    Springfield EMP and or Kimber Aegis in 9mm - around $1000.00 MSRP


    Glock 19 - around $500.00
    10 new pairs of Wranglers from WalMart that fit properly carrying IWB - around $150.00

    Leaving around $350.00 for ammo for practice and/or training.

    Simple economics my friend!
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    You don't have to change your entire wardrobe if you decide to start carrying. My only change was switching from tighter fitting T-shirts to nicer looking button up shirts.
    I can't believe how good they look and how easy it is to conceal while wearing them. I have a crossbreed holster too that helps a lot.

    For me, I went with a glock 36 with mag extension (+1 round, no more pinky pinch. The G36 pinches the crap out of my pinky with the standard base plate). It's also a fairly thin gun for what it is.
    If I was getting a 9mm or .40, I would probably have gotten an XD SC.

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    Cowboy, the fact that you wear jeans all the time does help in determining what to carry. Someone like me who changes between shorts, khakis, jeans, etc has to change out different handguns to accommodate the differences (hard to comfortably carry a full 1911 while wearing shorts. Not impossible, but not comfortable to me).

    Since you're not happy with the Glock's thickness, and you've decided on a small 9mm, I would highly recommend you take a look at these:

    Walther PPS
    Kahr PM9
    Kel-Tec PF9

    These sites may also be of interest to you for trying to make a decision if you are comparing sizes:

    please keep in mind that these sites are handy for a quick comparison, more along the lines of guide posts to point in the direction you should look at if you see a model you're interested in.
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    Since you are a cowboy, you must wear boots? There are alot of boot rigs out there if that suits you. I personally don't like it, but otherwise, you'll probably have to get some new jeans a size or two larger to be comfortable.
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    If you like the Western look, here's some dated proof that a 1911 is never out of place... two of 'em in this photo (plus a Luger!)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Help me please! Decisions decisions-az-lawmen.jpg  

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    Like others have said you definitly want to try as many different guns as possible, if it is an option for you. However, between the two guns you mentioned I do see one huge differnece; you have one tha is a revolver and the other is an auto, I would say you may want to make the decision as to which type you want before moving on to which make, model or caliber. Obviously if you are looking to carry IWB the revolver is going to require more space in th pants. Personally I carry a glock 23 in a De Santis cozy partner as my primary and an lcp in a pocket holster as a backup. It is hard for somebody to reccommend a pistol for someone else because it is all going to come down to what fits you best.

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    It is surprising how much a denim waistband will stretch to fit an iwb holster - that is if you can get it in there from the start and the jeans were not really tight to start. If you wear it while the jeans are damp better yet.

    Having said this, herein lies the difference between men and women - I am like YEAH, I can go pick out some new jeans!!

    I think you have to love the action of the 238 - it's looks and size can put you in a spell, but at the end of the day you still have a low capacity 380 mini 1911.

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