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The need to accept aesthetic attrition

This is a discussion on The need to accept aesthetic attrition within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd have to agree with everyone here. A lot of wear is a sign of a dependable firearm. I would trust a well-used, and well ...

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Thread: The need to accept aesthetic attrition

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    I'd have to agree with everyone here. A lot of wear is a sign of a dependable firearm. I would trust a well-used, and well cleaned M1 Garand to fire over a shiny Colt Peacemaker that sat in a glass case for 40 years. If you're an avid shooter, wear is impossible to avoid, and IMHO, something to be proud of.
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    To me its a non issue one of the reasons i dont carry a blued gun either as they wear faster

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    Holster wear on a handgun is just like the small rock chips on the front of my Harley... they represent use, not show and tell.

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    When I purchased my used HK P7 (PSP), the first thing that was painfully obvious was the severe loss of bluing. This gun was definitely carried.....a lot.....I thought. A quick breakdown of the gun showed that it was still in excellent mechanical condition and it was accurate. So, the loss of its finish, while it concerned me only because I didn't know if that translated to poor overall condition of the gun, turned out to be nothing.
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    If it's not worn, then it's not "worn".

    I don't refer to it as holster wear. I like to call it "character".
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    I've got to agree. Wear is normal. If your gun shows no wear, you're not carrying it enough.

    If you want a collector's item (and many of us do), by all means, get one and put it in the safe, or in some display.

    But don't get all wiggly because your carry piece looks like a carry piece.

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    Get a Glock

    Just had to throw this in, since all the Glock haters are always calling it tupperware and such...

    My Glock doesn't have any holster wear after about 2 years of carrying it in a Comp-Tac CTAC. If you don't like holster wear, get a better gun. (And a good holster.)

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    Heck, my holster has holster wear!

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    If you are worried that your new gun will show wear, buy 2. One for the safe to show off to friends and one to keep on your person for protection that no one will ever see.

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    Holster Wear

    I carry a stainless, small 1911.

    It seems that there are less indications of holster wear on it than
    on my pistols that have black or blue finishes.

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    Looks like we all agree on this one.
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    When I was a "new" shooter/carrier, I got a little aggrivated with the holster wear. That was until a wise old friend looked at my gun and told me that I wasn't practicing enough.

    I didn't understand what he meant until he showed me his formerly blued Colt Detective. The little gun looked like it shipped in the white until he took off the grips, and not a speck of dust or rust.

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    Senior Member Array Wayne's Avatar
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    Heck, wear on a finish just gives you a good excuse to get it hard-chromed, satin, nickeled, etc..

    Me, I got over all that "oh look, it's worn" jazz when I put a "ding" on my USP 45. It made me realize that it's a tool and a used tool is going to get worn and maybe dinged.


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    This just makes for a fine excuse to have a BBQ gun that's really pretty and not carried much. Unfortunately, my wife has asked several times why I need so many BBQ guns when I only carry my regular, plain stainless Colt.
    Personally, I wish I carried a blue Defender but Colt doesn't make them. I like that look where the blue is worn off. For many years on a ranch, I carried a Ruger Super Blackhawk. It has no blue left on the sides of the barrel, grips are just beat to pieces -- it has "experience."

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    I agree

    Quote Originally Posted by artz
    no doubt...
    The only gripe about that from me is when I'm trying to buy a gun that has holster wear on it. They are trying to tell me that its worth
    almost as much as that new one that I see 2 counters down. Don't think so....
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