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Opinions on un-concealing with friends

This is a discussion on Opinions on un-concealing with friends within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Common sense serves here. In my home, my private office, or at a rural property under my control the firearms may be brought out, made ...

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Thread: Opinions on un-concealing with friends

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    Common sense serves here. In my home, my private office, or at a rural property under my control the firearms may be brought out, made safe, and discussed. The handgun I conceal as I go about my day outside my premises will remain concealed. They aren't to be regarded as objects to mull over. It doesn't matter whether it is at a local restaurant, gun shop, or curb side in the front seat of a vehicle.

    I recently was involved in a concealed carry discussion over breakfast with some friends at a local restaurant, one of whom purchased a new Beretta 92 and was fretting about concealing it. I refrained from even positively answering whether I was carrying at that moment when I was asked to show them what I was carrying. In our small Texas town, it really wouldn't have been a big deal to unload a pistol and put it on the table for all to discuss it as nearly everyone around here has a gun of some sort on them or near by. They couldn't detect it and they didn't have any "need to know."

    If I'm at the house of a few trusted gun buds and they wish to inspect a model of handgun I am carrying then I may allow it in private, at my discretion.

    Remember, no one has to know.
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    My friends don't ask because they don't know I carry. My wife, my two sons and my gun dealer know I carry. Nobody else.

    One of the big advantages of a S&W 642 in a pocket holster, nobody has even an inkling that I am armed.

    I am not an "apostle" of the second amendment and I am not out to "convert" anybody. My reason for carry is to protect the kids' momma and myself and I feel I can best do that as the "Gray Man".

    If the SHF, it is going to be "surprise, surprise, surprise". The little old man wasn't harmless after all!
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    "show me yours I show you mine". I haven't played that game since I was a kid.

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